How to plan an essay writing/contest

By: Daksh Choudhary

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An essay is as a art of writing in a paragraph in which we can express our feelings or thoughts in the form of a written paragraph . It shows our creative writing skill . 

Have you ever thought that writing essay is so amazing so how will organizing contest of essay writing would be . So , in this essay I will tell you how to plan an essay writing/contest . First tro fall for organizing a contest for essay writing we should have our own web site or web portal . This would help us in providing all details about our contest on one page only and would  be easier to participate for the participants . And for making these types of portal we should have a person who is good in technology and can make the webpage much more creative .

We should have a team which will decide topics for every week or every month . We should also have a team which would look upon the essays received and would decide its result . And then once we are ready with our setup of our company we should start spreading the news of our contest . And one way for spreading the news is sponsoring other essay writing contests or sponsoring some events related to literature criteria for example :- poem writing competition , article writing contest etc . This will increase the popularity of contest .

We can also give advertisements in newspaper or on internet . Then after this we should start our website contest for essay writing . The website should be beautiful and attractful that it would create a good impression in participants mind as “ First impression is the last Impression “ . We should have a very interesting topics which would be liked by writers too so that they feel it good and interesting to write upon . The topics can be about any interesting thing which would be liked by the participants .  We should have different  categories for each , so that there is no partiality between the participants of different age groups .

Rewards and prizes should also be there . There should not only be certificate only rather there should also be medals , cash prizes , gifts or trophies . By these good prizes the participants would also feel motivated and would  get self – confidence to participate more and would also try to perform well . The way for essay writing should be preferable to all , participants should not be uncomfortable with it . If possible , then must try to get submission in English or Hindi as it should not promote to any one language only  .  There should also be a contact or customer care number or an email address provided so that it  is comfortable for the participants too. 

Once the submissions are submitted then it should be reported to the writers too , so that they doesn’t get worried about their submission of essay . Once we have received the submission we should try to announce the result as soon as possible .  After announcing result we must take interview of the winners so that others can also be inspire by them and our contest would also become popular . We must publish the interview over social media apps like :- You tube , Twitter etc . we must give worthy prize to winners and also provide free e – certificate for all , with some praises  so that they would also get motivation to try more and they would also try to improve from the points from where they are lacking .

If, winner ‘s parents allow then we must report the name of the winner to his / her respective school , so that they would also get confidence to write more essays . We can also ask participants that if they want to submit their work of writing skill , then they can submit. And , we can publish those Works on our web site . And , we can also organize essay writing competition in schools too so that , children who have talent to write but cannot express it would get a good opportunity to show their talent.   

By: Daksh Choudhary 

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