Have you ever listen about Arunima Sinha? Yes? You are right, the first female disabled amputee to reach Mount Everest with an artificial leg.                                                                                                                            

So far we have seen many people whose perseverance inspire others. So, introducing you to on such person seeing the persistence of that person will inspire others too. Despite having prosthetic leg this woman has climbed the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. Therefore India’s name has become big all over the world. That woman’s name is Arunima Sinha was national volleyball player. But in 2011 she was attacked in train by goons. At that time, Arunima was thrown from the moving train by the goons while snatching the chain. She lost one of her leg in this.                                                                                                                     

It is said that “if there is passion in you, then no obstruction of the world can stop you from achieving your goals.” Arunima’s story is very inspiring. This is inspiring because challenges have arisen in front of her again and again and she proves to win with them every time. After losing her leg in accident, she gained his courage and conquered the world’s highest mountain peak. Seeing Arunima’s faith, every woman should be inspired by this. She has achieved this because of her strong self-confidence. So let’s know the story of Arunima’s struggle.

About Arunima Sinha  – Birth, Family, Interests

Arunima’s family, originally from Bihar, is a wonderful example of her bravery. His father was in army. Inevitably, they were replaced. He had to come to Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh as a part of his transfer. But in Sultanpur, Arunima’s family was in trouble. Arunima’s father passed away. The shadow of sadness spread in the house playing with laughter. Arunima was about one year old at the time of her father’s death. The entire responsibility of educating and nurturing the daughter fell on her mother. Her mother never gave up during these troubled times. Made the right and concrete decision. She came to Ambedkar Nagar from Sultanpur with her three children Arunima, her elder sister and younger brother. In Ambedkar Nagar, her mother got a job in health department. This job helped them to raise their children properly. Arunima also started going school with her sister and brother. Arunima has mastered sociology as a Higher education. While, in school Arunima become less interested in studies, but more interested in sports. Her interest in sports grew day by day. Now she started dreaming of becoming champion.                                                                                                                                                               

Acquaintances objected to Arunima’s play. But the mother and elder sister let Arunima do as she pleased. Arunima was more interested in volleyball, football and hockey. Whenever the opportunity arose, she go straight to the field and play a lot. Arunima’s playing in the field was not liked by the other children of the neighbourhood at all. They used to make various joke about Arunima. They were also trying to tease her but, Arunima was smart from beginning and also rebellious due to a lot of pampering by her mother. Arunima would not let the children what they wanted. After being molested Arunima wanted to show the children some of her appearance so that the children would run away in fear.     

Punished and beat a boy in market

Arunima had beaten a boy once in market. It so happened that Arunima was going somewhere by bicycle with her elder sister. In the meantime the elder sister stopped and started talking to someone. Arunima went a little further and stopped and waited for her sister. Meanwhile,  some cyclists went by their side. The boys asked Arunima to leave the road for them. But Arunima told the children to go through the open space next to them and they stood in their place. This lead to an agreement between the children and Arunima. Soon her elder sister arrived. In a fit of rage, a boy raised his hand and slapped Arunima elder sister on the cheek. This made Arunima very angry she wanted to catch the boy and kill him. But taking the advantage of the crowd the boy and his companions fled. But, Arunima decided that she did not want to leave the boy. The two sister set out in search of the boy. At last they saw the boy near a leaf shop. Arunima grabbed the boy and beat him well. The beating quite a stir in the area. Many children’s tried hard to free him. Butut Arunima was not considered at all. When the  boy’s parents come and apologized for their son’s mistake, Arunima left the boy. However,  as a result of this incident the boys in the settlement stopped abusing the girls. After this Arunima’s bravery and fighting spirit continued to be discussed in the entire community. The days begin to go by. Meanwhile, Arunima has impressed many people with her talent by participating in various competitions. She played a lot of volleyball and football. Received many awards, she has also the opportunity to play in National level competitions.

Lost her leg in a train accident

Arunima is now look for a job with the intention of helping her mother to take care of a family properly. She applied for a job in many places. Meanwhile, she received a call from the office of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). She left for Noida to meet the officials. Arunima caught the Padmavati express. She was going from Lucknow to Delhi on 11 April 2011.  She sat on a window seat in a general compartment. After sometime some goons come there and one of them try to pull the gold chain around Arunima’s neck. Arunima got angry and started resisting the goon. The other gangster accomplices of that gang forward to help him and they caught Arunima. However, Arunima did not give up and at all continued to fight with the goons. But those who did not let Arunima overwhelm. All of a sudden, some of the goons throw Arunima out of the moving train. One of Arunima leg came under the train and she fell unconscious. Arunima was lying on the track for 7 hours, passed 49 trains during that time. The left leg was separated from the body. The body was lifeless. The mice were muttering in front of the eyes, but the brain was telling her to live. When some villagers saw her in this condition in the morning, they rushed her to the hospital. Doctors had to amputate Arunima’s left leg to save her life. After the news of the accident reached the media the headlines came in the newspaper and on TV channels. The Government of India has to move Arunima to a trauma centre in Lucknow for better treatment due to pressure from the media and women’s organisations. Arunima was admitted to AIIMS in New Delhi where she fought for her life and death for almost four months and she won the battle of life and death and then her left leg was joined with the help of an artificial leg. Along with this, doctors advised Arunima to rest. In fact doctors were no longer expecting that Arunima would ever be able to walk like normal people. Seen this condition of Arunima coma the doctors had also given up and advising her to rest while in the eyes of family and relatives she had become weak, but she did not lost her courage. In the meantime they also got prosthetic leg.  Doctor who runs the organisation ‘Innovative’ in the Uttar Pradesh dr. Rakesh Srivastava and his brother dr. Shailesh Srivastava made artificial leg for Arunima. Based on this artificial leg, Arunima started again. But even after she started using prosthetic legs, Arunima’s life continued to be difficult. Even when she had the disability certificate, people sceptical of her disability on one occasion a railway security guard opened Arunima’s prosthetic leg to see if she was really disabled. Similarly, Arunima had to endure insults in many places.

The fake announcements made by the government and everyone

Several announcement were also made by the government. The then railway minister Mamata Banerjee also announced that Arunima would be given of job. Sports minister Ajay Maken also announced the help. The CISF also announce the job offer. But not much happened after these announcements. On the contrary, some people started spreading all kinds of lies about Arunima. Attempts were made to discredit her. Arunima has never played at the national level so some hooligans tried to create controversy by saying she was not eligible for a government exam. Not only that some people also spread rumours that Arunima did not pass the inter exam. Some even went so far as to spread rumours that Arunima was fleeing the train with someone at the time of the accident. Some goons also alleged that Arunima has was married to him. And officials also said that Arunima jumped from the train and tried to commit suicide. Another official said that Arunima came under the train while crossing the line. Similar statements begin to appear in the media. Arunima was surprised and upset by such statement. She was trying to answer the accusers in her own way. But she was helpless. One of the leg has been amputed and she was bedridden. She wanted to do more. But she was in position to do nothing.It may be recalled that after the train accident, railway minister Mamata Banerjee had announced to give Arunima job but railway officials did not take any action on the announcement. Each time Arunima had to return from the railway office with disappointment. Despite a lot of efforts Arunima could not even meet the railway minister.

Took the decision to climb Mount Everest

Arunima started reading newspaper with the intention of spending time in the hospital. One day while reading the newspaper former she noticed a news item. It was reported that 17 year old Arjun Vajpayee who lives in Noida has become the youngest climber in the country. This news give birth to a new thought in Arunima’s mind. The news created a new excitement in her mind. If a 17 year old can climb Mount Everest why can’t I? this thought came to Arunima’s mind. She thought for a moment that her disability could be a big problem for her. But she decided in her mind that in any case you have to climb Mount Everest. She also read the news that famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh has returned to the field after battling cancer.                                                                                                                                                  

As soon as she got out of the hospital, she made up her mind to conquer  Mount Everest. First leg of Arunima is prosthetic and the second one has an iron rod. She also had two fractures in her spinal cord after the accident. But immediately after 4 months of treatment at Delhi AIIMS in 2011 Arunima went straight to meet Bacchendri Pal instead of going home. In view of her condition Bacchendri  first advised her to rest but seeing Arunima’s passion she bowed down to her. Arunima also performs artificial blade running she has won the gold medal 100 metres in the national games (para).  She is helping to establish the Shahid Chandrashekhar Azad sports academy in Bihar village in Unnao. Further Arunima was sent for initial training at the Tata Steel adventure foundation in Uttarkashi. Her Everest campaign was sponsored by the Tata Steel adventure foundation. The foundation approached the Asian trekking company in 2012 to organise and guide the expedition. The Asian trekking company trained him on the Island peak of Nepal in the spring 2012 mountaineering season. After completing the course here, she joined the Nehru mountaineering Institute in Uttarkashi. Here she became the top in training. Now it was just her turn to create history. Her brother Omprakash continue to encourage her. She practiced well for two years before climbing Mount Everest. During this, Srijani Ganguly guide her. Initially they started climbing on ‘Iceland peak’ and ‘Mount Kangri’. Then when she felt that she was now fully ready to climb Mount Everest she set out towards the base camp. Then that auspicious day also came, when Arunima started climbing Mount Everest. On the first day she was so excited that she happily slipped her foot near the base camp. However she did not get any injuries and started her journey. She had to go through many difficult stages in her journey up to the peak. There were many complex places in this place at many places. At the some time, Arunima did not even have a rope ladder. In such a situation she had to jump straight to cross those places. There was a lot of danger because even a small lapse could directly kill Arunima and jumping with a prosthetic leg was not an easy task.                                       

Something similar happened during the ascent of Mount Everest in 2013 when her prosthetic leg parted from the body before reaching the summit of Everest. Oxygen run out. But the mind again said that you have to leave. The same situation occurred during the recent climb to the summit of Antarctica, when the falling body responded by the mind remained with her. 30 year old Arunima always fight to the death in such a difficult situation and snatch life. So today  Arunima despite being a Divyang has done the feet of reaching the highest peak of the seven summits the 7 continents of the world.

Preceded facing difficulties 

Before climbing Everest, Arunima saw many ups and downs in her life. Faced many problems. Endured with insults many times. Also struggled with death. But, never gave up. She made her weakness her strength.                                                                                                                                                                                However, apart from these challenges there were many other challenges before them. The biggest challenge was related to her co- passengers. Actually, Arunima was not able to climb as fast due to her leg, as fast as the rest of her co- passengers  were climbing. In such a situation she was left behind at one time. In this situation, her guide asked her  to return but Arunima did not give up and kept going. At first her guide were worried about her slow pace eventually Arunima screw reached a height of 8,750 m from where climbers leave for the peak.  After a 52 day long campaign 26 year old Arunima’s prosthetic legs finally fell on top of the Everest at around 11 a.m. on 21 May 2013 and thus became the first disabled woman to conclude it. After reaching the peak, she wrote a thank you to God on a cloth and pressed it into the snow. After this Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav gave her two cheques worth rupees 25 lakh as a reward. At the same time she was also awarded the Padma Shri for her achievement on the occasion of the 66th republic day. Arunima from Uttar Pradesh has been selected for the Padma Shri Award.

Reached seven summits   

Peak name.                              Height (m)

• Mt. Everest                  8,848

• Kilimanjaro                          5,895.

• Kosciuszko                            7,310

• Mt. Vinson                              4,892.

• Mt. Elbrus                              5,642

• Carstensz  Pyramid                4,884.

• Mt Aconcagua                       6,962

In this way Arunima succeeded in returning and force everyone to be shocked. Arunima prove that if a human being want to do what we want we can do anything. No matter he or she is a woman or a man or a disabled person. Say that a human being is not physically handicapped but mentally handicapped. friends, if Arunima would have given up and set at home feeling helpless common today she would have been a burden on her family members. She had to spend the whole life with the help of others. But this high spirits and confidence save her from breaking. Challenges come to life in every humans but the victorious one is one of the one who completes personally with those challenges. Arunima achieved success due to her strong will, hard work, struggle and her attitude of not giving up. Reaching the highest mountain peak in the world, Arunima proved that man can achieve brilliant success Arunima Sinha is the pride of our country and we should take inspiration from her to fight. The sorrows and hardships that come in our life.

“The floor will be found right while wandering, misguided ones are those who not come out of the house”.             – ARUNIMA SINHA



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