How English Speakers can Learn Modern Greek Digitally?


There are many things that you can do when you are an English speaker and you want to learn how to speak modern Greek digitally.

Among all the things that you can use, apps are one of the best choices for that. One of the main things that make them useful is that they are cheap, or even free in some cases.

You can choose if you want to use the apps that make you learn with recorded voices, and pop-up ads or those programs where you have a good human interaction.

On the internet, there are many choices that English speakers can choose to achieve the Greek they aspire to.

Apps that can help you reach a good Greek level

To start speaking Greek you can choose the perfect app for you, we will show you the best ones on the market.


It is an app that offers many advantages to its users and has a huge amount of users around the world. It also won the best app award in 2017 on the Google play store awards.

Greek language learning is possible in this app for this, you will need to create an account on their website and then look for the Greek courses. You must know that in this app the content is made by the users and sometimes by their own team so you can find great variability in their options.

It has many modalities and all the content is available for everyone so you can choose any Greek content that looks interesting and suitable for you.

Among its free features, you will find the learn and review tool for starting with modern Greek, so you can choose how many words you would love to learn and review some time after.

You will learn all these words by many activities such as tap the word, fill in the blank, and matching words. If you do that faster, the more points you will get in the app to prove that you are good.

Some of these courses have audios from native or non-native speakers, you can choose between these options the one that suits you the best.


Another winner of the best app of the year, this is an amazing Greek language learning tool, this option offers a more traditional approach to their ways of learning.

All the information is not accessible from the first time; you will need to learn to unlock the next lesson, so the app knows when you progress to allow you to the next class, so in this case, is similar to having a teacher.

It is a fluent app for English speakers who want to learn new words in Greek. It counts with a great plan that introduces new words and then repeats them to help you with your vocabulary. It is a nice option because they care for teaching you words that you will use when you speak Modern Greek.

All the words or phrases in this course come with audios that count with excellent pronunciation, which is really important when you want to learn a new language. You can also slow down the audio to hear the pronunciation better if the normal speed is too fast for you.

How can English speakers enjoy this? When you tap a new word you will hear the audio with the correct translation and pronunciation, and then when you learn it, they will make you play many language games to apply your fresh knowledge.


This is for English speakers that are at an intermediate level of Greek, its main activity is to fill in the gap activities, this is why to start in this all you will need to understand and write a good amount of Greek words.

To start on this course you need to download the app and choose the Greek language, they use a database of sentences that are specifically designed for people who want to learn this language without any problems.

That database will allow you to have access to a huge amount of sentences and examples that will help you to improve your vocabulary in no time. This app is based on learning in a context which is very effective because you will not only learn a list of words; you will practice its use in a suitable context anytime you want.

It is an amazing Greek language learning app where you will be able to review and repeat the words and sentences anytime you want.

Other options that you can choose to learn Greek digitally

If you are hunting for other kinds of choices you can always count on a podcast that will help you learn Greek, because you can hear them and have a better listening comprehension which is the most thought part of Greek language learning. You can find these audios ok GreekPod101, TuneIn Greek and Forvo.

Another great option if you are more visual if to see free Greek video lessons on YouTube where many professors out their classes and resources to help people to reach their goals.

The next channels will give you all the information you want to understand body language, facial expressions, and no verbal aspect of the Greek, these are: super easy Greek, GreekPod101, and learn Greek with lina.

However, if you are looking for online Greek courses and tools you can always visit many websites where you will find all the information to learn how to speak this amazing language. One of those pages is Wikibooks that offers a free Greek coursebook for those who want to learn the language. Another option is Goethe Verlag which offers over 100 lessons for Greek language learned.

As you could read, there are many options if you are an English speaker and you want to learn all the beautiful words of Greek. The more uses tools in the digital world are the apps because they will let you learn easily anytime and anywhere. However, you can always choose more elaborated courses where you will learn everything you are looking for.


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