Learning a New Language Can Boost Your Personal and Professional Growth


We live in a connected and diverse world, in which speaking multiple languages is becoming the norm. Reading, interacting and writing in more than one language is a great exercise for the brain and can foster your personal and professional development.

Which is the best way to learn a new language?

For those who want to learn a new language there’s a variety of options: ranging from self-study to studying overseas. In that sense, having tutors gives more opportunities for questions and discussions, and the process will be considerably faster. It depends on your learning goals.

In a spanish class barcelona you can learn the second-most widely spoken language in the world (after chinese!), with almost 400 million native speakers in 21 countries from South and North America, as well as África and Europe.

The experience of living abroad will push your boundaries and provide a culturally engaging environment, being able to use spanish in everyday life. Plus, Barcelona is one of the most amazing cities in the world…

The decision is up to you: let your curiosity guide you and feel the best way to learn. Just keep in mind that learning a new language must be a pleasant experience, don’t try to force it and enjoy the process.

Individual development

It has been proven that learning a new language can greatly improve your personality, focus and expertise.

It gives you open mindedness towards other cultures: language leaning open doors to understand one’s own and others cultural paradigms and beliefs. Going through the experience of language learning builds character and improves your wider understanding of the world around you.

It also can boost your self-confidence levels. Adding new skills onto existing ones will make you feel more convinced about yourself and your skills and lead you to overall self-development.

Professional growth

Learning a new language is a fundamental part of today’s professional life. It allows employees to quickly grow their set of skills and become a valuable professional, no matter the industry the work.

Language learning shows competitiveness and allows people to access many career opportunities, such as working abroad or as a member of a multilingual organization, being able to communicate with colleagues and partners all over the world.

If you decide to develop your oral and written communication skills in a new language you’ll show employers that you are a good learner who is prepared to go further to get better job opportunities.

And then, when up against another person for a job, the ability to speak a different language is an admired skill that could easily set you apart from other candidates for potential jobs.

Health benefits of learning a new language

Studies have found that learning a new language may be helpful for your brain health, for example, improving problem solving activities – even more than crosswords and puzzles – and could add quality years to your life.

According to researchers, people who speak more than one language are better at conserving brain energy. It also can help to slow the effects of cognitive aging in later life, boosting short-term and long-term memory and reducing the risk of degenerative diseases.

After years of daily practice between two or more languages, multilingual people are better at critical thinking and have also better decision making skills: their brain selects relevant information and ignores data that can distract from a task.

Also, bilingual or multilingual people have been found to experience lower levels of anxiety and stress than their counterparts.

Simply put, when you get the opportunity to dive into a foreing language, you’re not only obtaining the ability to interact more naturally with people of different countries, you’re also gaining cognitives benefits that will stay with you through your life.

Developing a bilingual or multilingual brain is a worthwhile experience that could transform your life personally and professionally.


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