6 Top Fashion Necklaces to Wear For Professional Occasions

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Making a fashion statement goes beyond just your outfit. It’s also about your right accessories and of course, picking the perfect one from multifarious designs of wholesale jewelry pieces that will match the occasion.

Necklaces are a staple to our jewelry arsenal because it just brings so much to your outfit that no other accessories can. It’s a make or break situation when it comes to professional occasions like a black-tie event or a very important job interview. Which is why you have to make sure that you put your best fashion foot forward.

To help you pick the right necklace for formal or professional occasions, we’ve picked six of the top fashion necklaces that will go perfectly with your outfit whatever professional occasion you might have. From just a normal day in your office to an evening black-tie event, there’s always a necklace that will suit you just right.

Here are some fashion necklace ideas for you to wear during formal occasions:

1. The Classic Pearl Necklace

There’s a good reason why pearl necklaces never go out in fashion. The classic pearl necklace is considered to be the crème de la crème of women’s accessories. It’s elegant without even trying and it just gives you an authoritative look which is something that we want when power dressing.

So do you have an important formal event to go to or a career-defining business meeting? Definitely a classic pearl necklace moment. There are different ways for you to style this. A pearl necklace with a long strand looks great on a simple blouse and blazer office outfit. You can match it with a pearl drop earring or a simple pearl ring. If you’re going to a formal event, a simple fitted floor-length dress will become much more formidable when matched with a short pearl necklace. Since it’s a versatile piece, you don’t need to think hard about which earrings, bracelet, or handbags go with your necklace. It’s easy to style and it’s forgiving when it comes to other accessories.

2. Chandelier Necklace

If you think that pearl necklaces can bring the age to your look, a good alternative is a chandelier necklace. Chandelier necklaces can be your best friend when it comes to formal and professional events. It’s such a versatile piece that is perfect for dressing up your outfit. There are a lot of varieties in the wholesale necklaces category when it comes to chandelier necklaces. Most have a base of sturdy metal like gold, platinum, or sterling silver with different designs and blings on them. For styling, it all depends on what kind of professional occasion you’re attending. This is why you might want to reserve your chandelier necklaces for formal events instead of a regular day at the office. Think about formal dances, weddings, and social mixers.

3. Pendant Necklace

A simple pendant necklace can also be worn during formal or professional occasions depending on the pendant. This is perfect for those who want a subtle, minimal, and classy look. A good sapphire pendant or classic crystal will go great over a cocktail dress or just your regular work attire. You can never go wrong with a sterling silver chain with a dainty stone. Style it up with a tube cocktail dress or a V-neck blouse. A great thing about having an understated necklace piece is that you won’t have a hard time finding accessories that will match it.

4. Crystal Choker

Crystal choker is a great necklace option for those who want to go bold with their necklace design. It’s a great investment for such a statement piece. You can opt for a mix of stones with diamond nuggets or a colorful combination of crystals. However, you have to be careful when wearing a crystal choker, so you won’t make a fashion faux pas. It’s not really a brilliant fashion choice to wear it in your office as part of your business outfit. Instead, wait for your next formal event. Crystal chokers are best worn with strapless dresses. You would want a dress that’s quite simple and let your choker be the center of the attention.

5. Layered Necklaces

Even if it’s a professional occasion, layered necklaces are classy if done in a tasteful manner. When it comes to layered necklaces, you can invest in a set or layer a couple of necklaces yourself. There’ really no specific rule for this except layer it naturally. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Layered necklaces go great with any dresses with a V-neck or plunging neckline.

Depending on your own style, some even layer different types of necklaces. You can go from having a simple choker then accessorizing it up with necklaces with different lengths. A good tip is to have a single necklace as the focal point then use other necklaces to glam it up. Layering by threes is the best way to do it so it won’t be too cluttered and risk it looking unprofessional.

6. Matinee Necklace

Bring out the inner Cleopatra in you with a matinee necklace. It’s a clunky, dramatic piece that goes well with plunging necklines. Depending on how you wear it, you can rock this at a black-tie event or during a typical day in the office. What’s great about matinee necklaces is that you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to decide whether it fits with your outfit or not. It’s such a classic piece that is versatile without being on the safe side of fashion.

Usually, matinee necklaces are embellished with beads or stones, but the heavy ones are just brimming with diamonds. If you want something that will immediately bring class and taste to your outfit, then you can never go wrong with a matinee necklace.

When it comes to planning for your outfit, it’s always important to plan it simultaneously with your jewelry and accessories. Your necklace will bring so much into your overall look so definitely don’t skip and skimp when looking for the right one especially if it’s for a very special occasion.


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