5 Amazing Tools to Use Social media on Digital Signage

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Social media marketing has been in the practice for quite some time now. Marketers are laying heavy focus on marketing and advertising through social media. Offline marketing has gradually lost the spotlight. The reason for this is simple, social media networks have grown in influence because billions of users are using them. But with digital signage solutions, a new window has been created that generates an impact in the minds of the users and is trending amongst the brands, as they are looking out to integrate social media with digital signage.

However, in order to manage digital signage screens properly, you need tools that can help you monitor, moderate and present content from rightful resources, with a clear understanding of usage rights for content being used. Make it to the end to know some of the amazing tools that can help you maximize your marketing efforts by using social media on digital signage.

1.   Taggbox Display

Taggbox Display is a result-driven tool that helps in maximizing your brand’s awareness, increasing audience engagement, and pays a high return on investment by creating captivating social media walls for signages, events, and virtual events.

It helps in collecting content from more than 15 social media platforms, curate, moderate, and customize it using different layouts, styles, fonts, colors, backgrounds, themes, etc.

The platform also facilitates getting detailed insights with complete analytics to measure the performance of social media displays.

2.   UPshow

It is a Chicago-based social TV platform that targets changing the way business is done on TV. Its core feature is displaying manually moderated user-generated content in real-time.

UPshow also offers customization options for their screen that can be used to showcase marketing content or other things like games, trivia, or video channels.

UPshow is backed by Google Chromebit and can be completely operated through the cloud from any device.

It has some incredible partners that support streaming of live sports scores, weather forecasts, music, etc.

3.   Wallrus

Wallrus integrates Twitter and Instagram on the digital signage display with utmost ease. You do not have to upgrade your hardware, Wallrus fits on all standard displays. Be it vertical or large-scale displays, you can create a customized experience without any hassle.

The most intriguing feature offered by Wallrus is that you do not have to pay per screen, just pay a fixed amount to display content on any number of screens.

They also offer easy customizations to enhance the look of your wall and when everything is done, all that you need is a screen and 5 mins. While they provide for two sources only; Instagram and Twitter, it is also possible to club them both together.

4.   Tint

Tint is a UGC platform that helps brands collect and leverage user-generated content at every marketing touchpoint. As manually collecting and managing UGC takes a lot of time and effort. After accurately collecting UGC in a social wall, they can be displayed anywhere like digital advertising, TVs, digital signages, etc.

There are legalities involved in using content generated by the user. Tint takes care of it with utmost ease and any content that is to be used but is created by third parties becomes available.

5.   Screenfeed

Screenfeed is based out of Minneapolis and is known as a top provider in the digital signage business for subscription content services, like news, weather, and sports feeds.

Ready-made, licensed, infotainment content that adds to the value of your screen. The content displayed helps in bridging the void gaps while increasing the dwell time with content that is automatically refreshed on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis to keep your audience engaged.

Over To You

Digital Signage can help you in generating user trust, engagement, and conversions. It is blooming as a potent strategy to display UGC as well as branded content in the most effective and impactful manner.

Robust tools can help you in maximizing your marketing efforts by availing strong moderation, customization, and analytics options so that businesses are able to keep ahead of the trend.

Moreover, displaying UGC can make for an amazing option, as it contains fresh, vibrant, and unique content that boosts users’ attraction and helps in customer acquisition and retention.

Now that you know the tools that can amplify your social media on digital signage, make the most of it!


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