Write 5 Page Essay with Important Tips

By: Kamlesh Manchanda

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Writing lengthy essay is definitely not an easy task. It takes so much time to think, research, outline, write and edit. Writing an essay like a pro is a skill which takes time to gain and requires lots of practice. The structure of essay comes from plan and helps elaborate argument. An essay has three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Take time for planning and structuring the essay and one will find writing it straightforward. The difficult part about writing a five pages essay is that there is not much variety or variety of themes.

One may run into difficulty on writing such a long essay, if experience level is not too high. To begin with, following steps can be taken to write a 5-page essay and make it a great one:

Start with a Planning Stage

This is where one maps out the details and consider the contents to write about. It is to know exactly what is the meaning of the topic and what should be its contents. It’s paramount to have an idea of where one is headed and what going to say before beginning writing.

Make a comprehensive research

This part is where from to gather details, evidence and data. One might want to search for statistics or compare two or more things. Before writing, ensure to have all ideas and information in a neat format. One should make thorough research for the particular topic, its kinds, facts and figures etc.

Pick an essay thesis

Foundation of any good essay is its thesis statement. The thesis is what the writer, at the onset,  wants the reader to understand. In the very first paragraph, introduce thesis. But thesis should not be confused with opening sentence. It is not just a title or a word, it is whole idea that one wants the reader to grasp in very first paragraph. It should also not be huge one either.

Create an essay outline

Outline helps in elaborating the ideas and also help avoiding many pitfalls when writing. An outline helps to stay organized and on track as writing is started. This makes it easier to keep thought process clear and concise. After drafting thesis and preparing outline, one can begin to develop essay around it. This development will include the main supporting points of the essay, which will scaffold its main body.

Write Main body of essay

Most of the time has to be spent at this stage of the writing process. This should be a fun experience, one should try and have more fun than stress about this part. Try to not think so much about what one is writing and why writing it, just do it. At all times, stay vigilant and vigilant. If one feels like getting stuck, take a break and then continue writing. Goal, when writing essays is to answer all questions in a well-written manner.

Goal is not to impress people and so one should not write the essay just to write it. When one has to write about the world or oneself, one should write about what one knows the best. For example, if one wants to write about own feelings, one should write about own experiences. This should help to connect back to own experiences and emotions. This is one of the best ways to write the essay.

One should use short paragraphs and also should use plenty of writing down notes. This will help to get clear in one’s head. Aim for writing an essay should be to get to the end with clarity. This means that one should be able to get thoughts together and make sure that they are organized and connected.

Conclude the essay

Essays also typically include a relevant compelling introduction and conclusion. It is time to conclude the ideas and tell in short the ultimate goal or crux of the theme.Briefly put, a good conclusion performs two things. It wraps up any loose ends and drives home the main points of  essay. To learn how to write a good conclusion, one will have to ensure that no unanswered questions remain in the reader’s mind. A good conclusion will rewind the thesis and reinforce the essay’s main supporting points.

Edit and proofread essay

It is important to edit and proofread the essay. One should do this before writing the final copy. This will enable to see any spelling errors, grammar errors and organizational errors. When to proofread, one should take all the notes that one has made and incorporate them into the finished copy. Essay should be edited properly and as many times until complete satisfaction. 

Formatting the essay

This is another important step to write the essay. One should be sure to format text because it is a way of having satisfaction that contents are easy to read. One should use proper headings, indent and bullet points. This should be the final step in the writing process before submitting the essay.


In short, for writing 5-page essay, one has to be very careful, patient and have thorough knowledge about the topic. To know the great technique to elaborate all ideas in details is of utmost importance.

By: Kamlesh Manchanda

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