World Earth Day


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       Every year, 22nd April is celebrated as Earth Day to show support for the protection of our environment and to create public awareness about Mother Nature.

Senator Gaylord Nelson was surprised after seeing the destruction caused by oil spills in Saint Barbara, California in 1969 and thus, founded and implemented this day on April 22, 1970. In 2009, this day was chosen as ‘International Mother Earth Day’ by the United Nations. Earth Day aims to raise awareness on issues such as climate change and global warming through various mediums such as conferences, rallies, fun activities and competitions.

In 2021, Earth Day marked its 51st anniversary and the theme of the year was ‘Restore Our Earth’.  Our earth provides us with trees, plants, rivers, mountains, minerals and most importantly oxygen and water, without which none of us would be able to survive. We, as a living species of this world should understand that nature, once banished can never be returned again. It is our duty to maintain the balance of the environment and protect it. The least we can do is, plant a tree every earth day to contribute in maintaining a steady balance in flora and fauna.

If earth could speak, it would say that Earth Day should be celebrated every day because it’s our home and it’s our responsibility to keep it hygienic and healthy each day. We should encourage everyone about the positive effects of keeping the nature positioned in the manner it is supposed to be. Maintaining the beauty of our Mother Earth is the responsibility of every living person on this planet.

Ultimately, Earth is something we all have in common. Without it, our life would be unimaginable. Our planet is our future. Destroying it day by day will lead to a nom repairable loss. The coming years depend on our actions of today and the way we treat our planet. This is where we have to live and continue our generations.

The day can be wisely celebrated by doing the minimum usage of electricity, water and travelling either by cycles or walking. The government and the people have to together make the earth a nice place.

The condition we have reached is just because we used the earth for our needs. As a result, we have reduced the livelihood of others along with us too.

We are the ones responsible for extinction of thousands of innocent animal species and increasing of toxic material such as plastic. Eventually, the waste these animals are provided with, is taken by 80% to 90% population of the world which is non-vegetarian.

Very few of us are gradually adapting ourselves to taking measures to save Earth such as planting more and more trees, using renewable resources such as eco-friendly vehicles and solar panels and lastly, the concept of 3r’s which is now being taught in almost all the schools. The 3Rs stand for Reusing used products, Recycling waste material either for decoration purposes but also in our day to day supplies and Reducing the use of non-renewable resources.

Earth Day is nothing but all about teaching others and preparing ourselves to live in an eco-friendly, safe and healthy atmosphere. 

To sum up, the awareness of importance of earth is still in its early age. Hoping to see a new world soon for our future generations.


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