Wood Vs. Plastic Toys -Which is Better for Kids?

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Have you thought about what makes a good toy? You can come across thousands of interactive toys -both in stores and online. So, how can you choose the best toys that will offer your kids several hours of enjoyable playtime while boosting their creativity? Smartivity offers access to the best-in-class STEM-based interactive toys -like wooden toys online, that can help children with cognitive development and ample fun throughout.   

While some people think that wooden toys are outdated for the next-gen children, they are still regarded as way better than plastic counterparts for your child’s safety, the environment, and the bank account as well. Let us know how!  


What are Wooden Toys?   

For several ages, humans have been developing and using wooden toys. Most of the interactive toys for children as we know now include DIY blocks, puzzles, Lego, and so more. Most of these were originally made out of wood. Top-quality wooden toys have been regarded as quality symbols of conventional and quality play for several years. Wooden toys are highly eco-friendly and sustainable.   

Wooden garden toys are made out of natural materials. These are much safer than plastic toys -made out of petroleum-based raw materials. On the other hand, wooden toys are made out of organic materials that are dyed, washed, painted, polished, printed, and coated with water-based, eco-friendly ink.   

Some of the common types of wooden toys you can think of purchasing for your kids are:  

  • Construction toys -typically resembling construction-based tools and materials  
  • Car-based toys like different models of cars  
  • Animal toys resembling animal figures   
  • Educational toys like wooden blocks, slot-in puzzles, DIY sets  

Why are Wooden Toys Better than Plastic Toys?  

Wooden toys are gaining a huge impetus for ensuring top-class development of your little ones while proving safer and fun in any environment. When you consider wooden vs plastic toys, you can think of purchasing wooden toys online due to several reasons.  

Some top reasons to choose wooden toys over plastic counterparts are:  

#Safer for Children  

When you wish to purchase an interactive toy for your little one, whether it is for your child or as a gift for someone else, one of the primary questions to ask is, “What is the safety level of the toys?” If the toys for kids feature smaller parts that can come apart easily, then these could be a choking hazard for the kids -especially those below 6 years of age.   

Moreover, if your kid is using plastic toys and they break due to any reason, the sharper bits of plastic can lead to major injuries.   

On the other hand, wooden toys are properly constructed as a whole. These rarely feature pieces that can be broken easily by a kid or even adults. This implies that these toys on a whole are much safer for serving as great kids’ toys -especially when they are below 6 years of age.  

#Better for the Environment  

It is estimated that we tend to produce a million tons of plastic annually. While a majority of plastic-based waste is derived from plastic bottles, wasted & broken materials from other things like kids’ toys can also make up the overall percentage of global plastic waste.   

Therefore, you should aim at reducing, recycling, and reusing to minimize harm to the environment. Wooden toys for the young minds can be a great way to do something for the environment individually -without putting in too much effort in the process.   

When you purchase a wooden toy that has been made out of certified wood and sourced sustainably, you are contributing individually in reducing plastic wastage. Most wooden toys are sanitized properly and made out of second-hand materials.   

#Highly Durable  

All toys receive some run-around from the little, notorious ones. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase toys that are capable of withstanding a little bit of damage. Plastic toys -even when they are made out of durable materials, have the capability to get damaged, malfunction, or break and cause injury easily.   

On the other hand, wooden toys are able to withstand the energetic and rough playing patterns of the kids. Therefore, they portray stronger durability and strength throughout.  

#Boosts Early Education  

While modern plastic toys might come with flashing lights and interesting sound effects, studies reveal that wooden toys can help in improving the literary, numerical, problem-solving, and spatial awareness of the kids.   

It is because most wooden toys -especially STEM-inspired wooden toys online by Smartivity, are available as building blocks or puzzles. Using these toys, kids are expected to come up with interesting patterns, solve puzzles, and develop their motor skills. With every STEM-based wooden toy by Smartivity, the younger ones are encouraged to build something new out of their own imagination.  

#Encourages Creative Play  

Just like wooden toys boosting educational skills in children, they can also help in boosting overall creative thinking as well as playing habits -much more than plastic toys.  

Whether it is a wooden rocket, puzzle, or any other architecture-based extraordinary DIY toy, simple and colorful wooden toys can help in boosting the imagination levels of the kids while allowing them to think out of the box.   

Plastic toys are indeed available with multiple movements and sound effects. Wooden toys also support kids in developing their own verbal, listening, and other forms of sensory skills. It is because as the kids are building up toys by themselves, they are offered access to all necessary skills on the go.   

Once you observe how much fun the little ones are having playing with wooden DIY toys, you can look for a reliable provider online -like Smartivity.  


With Smartivity, you can come across best wooden toys for your kid. Whether you wish to ensure safer play time or boost creativity of your little ones, wooden toys are preferably better than plastic toys due to several reasons. With appealing aesthetics, DIY blocks, safer components, and durable structure, wooden toys for kids are great for comprehensive development.  

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