By: Sahana.S

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Women empowerment, something that gives women the freedom to walk without consciousness. It refers to treating men and women equally.

Previously, women were treated badly. They didn’t have access to education. They were discriminated and had to follow rules stated by the society, like, girls are soft, they don’t play sports, women have to do household chores and, can’t be the breadwinners of the family, etc.

Support Women

Supporting womens’ rights is our responsibility.They are human beings too. They share the same body functions and mental capabilities as men,then why are they treated unequally and deprived of their rightful place in the society?

Nation’s Progress

The progress of our nation will be double folded if women get the same treatment as men. If women get the opportunity to showcase their talents, people would start admiring and realising that women are no bad either. Now things have changed drastically. Women get jobs and don’t follow superstitions.

There is discrimination still seen in in different parts of the world. Women are payed less compared to men, they don’t have the freedom as much as men to get out of the house, there is less safety, women don’t get much chances is sports and, don’t get the right encouragement for it.

How can we empower women?

Women should break the bias and cross the boundaries of discrimination. They need a space for their talents in politics,business,sports etc. We must reduce feminized poverty and end violence against women. If there are people who think women are weak emotionally and physically, then you are very much wrong because, women are way stronger than you think but they just don’t show it and use it wisely.

So let’s stop discriminating women and give them a chance not to prove themselves but to show their hidden talents. As we know, an empowered women is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.

By: Sahana.S

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