What is the Meaning of Life According to Positive Psychology !

By Sarah Fatima

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Today we are going to talk about the worlds best gift. Since the time, the world has began, many centuries have passed, but everyone wants this gift in their life. Whether they express it or not, they have the desire in their heart to obtain this gift.  This is the worlds best gift called “love“. It is a feeling that everyone wants in their life, but only the lucky ones gets it. Without which our heart feels empty and lonely etc..

    The worlds luckiest person is the one who has this amazing thing called love in their life, without which the world could not survive. 

Many people don’t believe in love. They believe that love is waste , it spoils a person’s life, time and gives nothing but pain. Seriously, they may be true. But do they feel contented without love. Imagine how a person’s life would be without love. A person who has no feelings, he would be like a machine who smiles, laughs, without happiness. His heart would be plain and blank without any feelings, having dissatisfaction even if he could conquer the whole world.

 Now the question arises where to find love. Love cannot be found. It comes naturally in your life and make your heart fall for someone.

They will become your life. Their happiness will become your happiness, if they are sad you will feel sad, their wants and dreams will become your goals, even their likes will become your likes. You can do anything for them. Even if you find something really boring you will do it, to make them happy. Now your life starts evolving around them. You will feel extremely happy.

There may be times you may disagree or don’t understand each other, but you still love them and you don’t want to loose them.

  Being in love does not mean you does not disagree or fight with your loved ones. You will fight with them but mostly you will loose to them ‘willingly’, for their happiness. These fights won’t lessen the love between you and them. Instead it will make your love and bonding even more stronger. 

Now your love ones will rule your life, they will be the one for whom you want to live, make efforts, earn to give them a comfortable life.

But in this era, it is hard to find true love, many frauds are taking place in the name of love. Most of the people cheat others in the name of love.

  Love is a selfless feeling and only the lucky ones are blessed with this feeling. 

Do you know out of all the persons you love which love is most precious, it is your mothers love. This is the love which ones lost cannot be replaced, Nobody can replace her. She is the one who will never betray you, she will never harm you. Her love is the only one which does not have the insecurity of getting betrayed. Her love is harmless and the most secured.

     Mothers love is the most purest and selfless love you can find on earth. Her love starts and grows, but never ends.

It goes on increasing day by day. For her it does not matter whether you are fair or dark, tall or short etc.. Nothing can stop her from loving you.  Her love cannot be affected by anything. She loves you and she will be loving you the most.

It does not matter whether you love your mom or not, she will love you.

She is the most caring and influential person in any living beings life. 

     So please start caring for her and try not to break her heart.

       Love is the best gift blessed to us by God. Love is one of the most precious thing in life . If you have someone who loves you truly, then it is the best thing you have in life and that person can be anyone your mom, dad , life partner, brother, sister, son or daughter etc..  These are the people who truly loves you and they cares for you very much even more than themselves. So try to be nice with them.  Please care for them.

  Learning about love, you may feel whether such love exists in present world as everyone is selfish today and have no time to give others.

But let us tell you, Yes true love exists in real life, if not why parents would take so much effort to grow their children. Why will they bear your tantrums. Please tell.

   Love is everlasting in nature and the biggest example of it is Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for his lovely wife Mumtaz Mahal. This monument is the best example of lasting love. Shah Jahan’s love for his wife continued even after her death. His love for Mumtaz Mahal does not fade away, even after her death. He built Taj Mahal in her memory.

Taj Mahal is one of the greatest monument to love ever built. It is located on the southern bank of Yamuna in the city of Agra.

    In every persons life  whether he or she is rich or poor, loves plays an important role,

For instance:- According to the report of BBC News on 22 July 2013, A retired government official in Northern India Village named Faizul Hasan Quadri who was of 77 years was building a scaled down replica of the historic Taj Mahal in the memory of his wife Tajammuli Begum who died of cancer.

Love influences a persons life. It is the most essential thing in every persons life. It changes the person’s way of living. It makes your boring life interesting and exiting, filling it with happiness. 

So the people who do not believe in love, please try to find your true love and live a happy and meaningful life.

Many people may get heart break in love by getting betrayal from the person they love. But always remember remedy of heart break is also love. Life does not stops for anyone, it goes on, so try to find your true love as this will give you happiness. And at the same time please be cautious of frauds and their betrayals. This will help you to avoid heartbreaks. 

You need to choose your love very carefully but at the same time avoid breaking heart of the people who truly loves you.

At last let us conclude by saying that “if someone loves you, try not to loose them because if you loose them you wont get them back”. Remember only the lucky ones gets true love in their life.

By Sarah Fatima


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