17 Reasons Why Denmark is World’s Happiest Country

By Kiruthika AS


Denmark ranks second in the World’s Happiest Country. It can even be called Perfect Paradise. The population of Denmark is 5.8 Million people. Denmark is less populated than Chennai City. It is an island more than a country and has around 433 Islands. People live only 30 per cent of these islands. The famous islands in Denmark are Greenland (Largest non-continental) and Faroe

The official language of Denmark is Danish. People also speak English and German. The capital is Copenhagen. The Neighbouring countries of Denmark are Germany, South of Norway and Southwest of Sweden. 

Denmark is famous for LEGO Toys. They are one of the World’s best toys. They manufacture 19 million pieces of toys per year. 

Denmark has a short summer. It is rainy most of the year. They have many wind turbines as it is windy. So, they are the leading exporter of wind turbines. It is known as Country of Winds

There are more pigs than people in this country. They are leading in exporting pigs

Factors that impact Happiness

Some of the Factors that affect Happiness are as follows

  • Genes
  • Environment
  • GDP Per Capita
  • Healthy Life Expectancy
  • Freedom to make life choices
  • Social Support
  • Generosity
  • Absence of Corruption

Reasons why Denmark is in the Top List of Happiest Country

  1. Denmark is expensive, and the tax is very high. Most People are happy to pay such high tax.  
  2. People see self-care and child-care. They trust that the Government will spend them wisely for their betterment. The Danish Government does many good things for the people. 
  3. Danish Government provides Free Health care & Free Education for all, so Everyone gets the best.
  4. They impose a high tax for Cars to control pollution. You have to pay 180 per cent of tax if you are buying a car in Denmark. Petrol prices are also high. So, People prefer bike/ cycle to the car. People are biking to work instead of driving.
  5. Happiest people are interacting face-to-face in the cycle. You cannot do that in the car while driving. The Cycles are one way which makes life less stressful and joyful.
  6. Copenhagen city has the best Cycle Track in the World. Most people love cycling.
  7. Danes make casual bike rides as a group event, clubs for cycling and other exercises. They do together which fosters a sense of belonging. These give you a purpose.
  8. Denmark is the right place to start a business. The Danish Government supports people with innovative ideas. It will help financially to get loans for your business. It will give Full guidance & Support.
  9. All are equal. No one is special. Government officials also lead a simple life just like others. So, Denmark has a low crime rate, and it is a low corrupted country
  10. Equal Respect for equal work. No matter what you do, you are no bigger than anyone else. No job is less than any other. 
  11. If you lose your job, the Government continues to pay you up to 90 per cent for four years. Homelessness, Poverty & Unemployment are extremely low here. They have a high level of prosperity.
  12. Work-Life Balance is exceptional. They work for 37 hours per week, and the work is more productive
  13. Danish People have Paid Annual Vacation. They offer generous Parental Leave. 
  14. Danish People are Hygge. Hygge is a Danish word which means the art of creating a pleasant atmosphere. Example of Hygge focuses on lighting, the warmer the light, the more the haggling the lights. Danes love candles.
  15. Danish People believe that you don’t have to be super-rich to be happy. They look for a perfect balance of life, and the results are very positive. 
  16. Share with others. Happiness is of satisfaction with the way one’s life is going. Danish People are very content in life. 
  17. Danish People play. They are creative, and they contribute to new ideas. They do something with hands which stimulates ideas. If you are stuck at something, do something with hands. It will make you feel distracted.

Inspiring Ideas from Danish People

According to Aristotle’s Golden Mean, Good Behaviour lies between two vices, excess and deficiency. People who pursue only money & say ” I will happier the richer I am ” turn out to be less joyful. People are cheerful when they are generous, and when they feel that the society they are in is Generous. Value family. Make time for them. 

Mingle with friends, go for a walk. Spend time with friends and family. Hygge unites people. It helps people to be pleasant to each other. Be gentle and enjoy yourself. Use your body (Run, Dance, Jump) any way you can. Address aesthetics. Make your home as beautiful as you can. Streamline your options. Be proud. ABC for mental health is if you want to boost your mood, doing something active, doing something with other people, doing something meaningful

Outline – Key to Happiness

Trust more – Trusting makes life easier. It makes you happier. It is a self-fulfilling 80 per cent of Danish people trust each other. Example: Babies sleeping outside a Restaurant. Trust is very high. If you want to live in a world of more trust in a community, have a group of friends we trust, it has to start with you. You should be a trust-worthy person. It begins with doing what you say and saying what you do. 

Freedom to live – Trust yourself to be you. The prime purpose of education is to develop the personality of the child. No matter what your talent is, always value it. Be free to choose what you want to do in life without other people judging you. It is your choice not to judge others, but encourage and support other people’s choice of being themselves.

Finding a purpose in lifeLive your dream, live your passion. Be individually committed and responsible for the welfare of the state.

By Kiruthika AS, Salem, Tamil Nadu


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