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The Walt Disney concert hall is still a record breaking master piece. It is an Archi-cultural Gem of all time. Visiting los Angeles would really be incomplete without a life changing visit to the Walt Disney concert hall. It remains one of the city’s foremost habitats of culture. Be it the amazing piece of the architecture, the flawlessness of the sound or the beauty of its garden. From its mind blowing internal and external features, Walt Disney Concert Hall is an architectural signature that still retains its primary function – bringing pure music to the city of Los Angeles and beyond. Considering past times, it’s sort of a supernatural happening that Walt Disney Concert Hall was actually completed. After a lot times of near failure, the project miraculously picked up speed again towards a dream come true. If the hall failed, it would have sent to the world a message that Los Angeles couldn’t pull through together to support its cultural community. But with people at the forefront, donations began to roll in. In the long run, Walt Disney Concert Hall had more than $100 million to complete the mind blowing structure. There’s no doubt that the concert hall has a lot of heart having gone through battles by thousands and came through standing. So many are amazed at how much Los Angeles took a reform and what it has become because of this building of rarity.

The outstanding piece of architecture was designed by the creative mind and fingers of Architect Frank Gehry and today Walt Disney Concert Hall is recognized internationally as an architectural landmark, imprint and one of the most musically elegant concert halls in the world. Not exempting the stainless steel curves with exterior appealing to the mind, to the state-of-the-art sound and music related properties of the hardwood-paneled main auditorium, the 3.6-acre complex encloses the special energy and creative spirit. Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles carries the general perception view of a ship whose sails are filled with wind. Looking outdoors, the all-metal exterior curved in shape paints the picture of silver sails in the eyes. The stainless steel exterior forms were inspired by Gehry’s undying love for sailing which has today become a sort after to the world.

Moving over to the striking fun at the roof top; there’s an astonishing rooftop garden at the concert hall. It’s a luxuriant area that contrasts with the metal exterior. The garden is also free to visit. With seating space available — it’s that gorgeous. One of the striking spots in the garden is the fountain and “A Rose for Lilly”. A little number of persons know there is an art and music gallery inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall-It’s a sight to behold.

One of the most interesting ways to experience what goes on in the concert hall, of course, is to attend a concert. The hall is still praised today for its scorching attractive and significant sound. A unique aspect of this masterpiece is exploration. A view from the steel sails shows the landscape of downtown in a unique way.  For the best take of photos of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, its best advised to catch it right when the sky is deep blue. At dusk the name of the building is clearly punched in the steel to the right of the entrance, which at day is harder to see. From above and within the silver sails, all kinds of windows and skylights are seen about the whole structure, thus taking advantage of the Southern California sunshine, reflecting natural light into all five floored public area.

 The auditorium conveys warmth and intimacy compared to the cool feel of the exterior steel sails.The hall is configured to a vineyard setting where the hall surrounds the stage and rows in downward or upward sloping spiral manner. The masterpiece designed by Frank Gehry is a life time symbol on earth and it is considered to be an architectural imprint. Walt Disney Concert Hall is a Los Angeles icon and a marvel to the modern world providing both visual and aural intimacy for a perfect musical experience. Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall is a world-class performance venue to all in los Angeles. It’s a good portray and representation of Walt Disney’s devotion to the arts.

 An exonerating piece it is indeed, thus exposing the minds of architects and designers from all over the world to the lines of expectations to more mind-blowing  possibilities and imagination.



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