Ants: Fun Facts about Ants & Ant Information for Kids

By Inchara Nagesh

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An ant is one of the smallest insects which, is living on the Earth. It is born by a queen ant by laying eggs. An ant is also among the one, in the list of top – 5 smallest insects in the world. It is a smallest specie, living around us. It always fond of sweet food. Its size is approximately 0.72 to 52mm. 


 An ant is a smallest living being, which is lived inside a small hole in the mud or also inside our houses, on ground etc…. It always works hard for constructing their houses [Anthill].          


The word unity is found in ants. It will be working with unity and also worker ants will always respect the queen ant. Because all the ants are born by the queen ant and it is also known as the Mother Ant. Myself, I had learned some facts about ants in some book that; An ant has 5 noses to smell. So that the ants will come within a few minutes to taste the sweets where the sweets are kept more. Ants are not just the living beings which wastes its time in their whole life. They are the living beings which works hard for their food. It will be always working.  Sometimes myself I, think that the ant is knowing the value of time, where human beings doesn’t know. We also can notice that ants, are very capable to climb the trees and walls also. We human beings have to learn so many qualities from an ant. Mainly; 

  • Dedication to work 
  • Unity among themselves 
  • Discipline
  • Power             
  • Trust etc.…         

 We should see and learn the movement of the ants, the way it moves. In that we can see the way of ants moving in a straight line. One ant follows the other one because they are trustworthy. Now-a-days, we people are having enough of time but also, we waste our time on useless works because its due to procrastination. But ants never procrastinate. They always dedicate and spend their whole life in working. Also, unity is found in them. But we people never believe anyone, if we believe anyone, they will not be trustworthy. Ants work hard with unity. They always work altogether. We people should also learn, ‘TEAM WORK MAKES DREAM WORK’ which is found in ants.                                             We people should also learn the strength [power] from ants. Though it is a smallest insect, it is having a capability to hold the food particle. When it founds the food, it makes the group and they go and lift the food particle from their hill to the place where they got the food. Though the ants are very smallest they are also having the power to kill an Elephant, which is a very largest animal. 

And it is also having good time in its life because when an ant falls in the water it will eaten by the fish but when the water dies up in summer, the died fish will be eaten by the ants.  The other point we see in ants is discipline. While ants move, we can see they move in a straight line. We should learn the silence and discipline by the ants. They move and carry their work silently. And also, there are mainly two types ants which we notice. They are; Red ants  and Black ants                            

Where we think red ants are bad one because it bites and the black ants are good because it harms anyone. Actually, it’s all the creation of God.

We human beings should not neglect and learn the great values and some qualities in ants though it is a very smallest living one. Sometimes, I never kill black ants because my mom said that Black ants are also known as ‘Goddess Lakshmi’. So, don’t be cruel towards ants, because ‘All living is precious’.                     

A – Ant

N – Never wastes its

T – Time

We should not neglect the knowledge which comes from the smallest things. Also, saying that Iam very big and smarter than it. The size doesn’t matter, but the knowledge matters a lot. So, we should learn everything from everyone.

In language Hindi we say ‘MOORTHY CHIKADADARU KEERTHI DODADHU’ which means though an ant is very small it works hard. The size of an ant is referred to Moorthy and the handwork done by an ant is referred to keerthi. So, we should never forget smallest things also because all are very important.

By Inchara Nagesh from Bangalore 


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