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        Everyone has a dream place which they wish to visit once in life. Some people get the chance to fulfill their dream trip, while for some it remains only a dream. I also have a dream to visit a place, which I wish could visit at least once in my lifetime.  I wish I could feel and learn about the people, place, and things of that particular place. For me, my dream vacation is in Italy, especially Venice.  I heard about this place in my geography book when I was in school. When I got to know that Venice is a city on water, I was very curious and exited to know more about it.

        Venice is one of the most notorious travel destinations in Europe. It is a floating city of waterways and gondolas. It’s a truly fantastic destination with magnificent architecture.  I would like to swim through the Grand Canal and watch the dazzling water in the moon light. I would love to ride on the water bus and take a quick tour through the beautiful city. I have never been in a gondola. I would like to drift through the canals in a gondola surrounded by aqua-green water. It would be really interesting to hear from the gondolier, the incredible history about the places as I pass through different places on the gondola. Riding on the gondola underneath the breathtaking and iconic Rialto Bridge built with marbles, I would like to explore the true splendor of its design. Exploring the magnificent architecture of the buildings in Venice will be quite interesting. I would like visit the great attractions like The Saint Mark Basilica and Saint Mark Square. I would love to see the entire city from top of the beautiful tower, Saint Mark’s Campanile. It would be really fun to watch the entire city floating in the Mediterranean Sea. Roaming through the beautiful museum of the Doge’s Palace and enjoying the artistic beauty of the place would be amazing experience.  I want to spend hours exploring the rich history of the palace. I got to know about these wonderful and unique places in Venice by reading the travel experience of Escape Hunter, the anonymous traveler who wrote ‘Venice’s look, feel and smells’ based on his real experiences.

       I am a foodie and I love eating Italian food especially, pizzas and pastas. And that’s another thing which I can relate to when I think of Venice. I want to take a trip down to the Venetian market and explore the local cuisine of Venice. Also as the city is full of water, I can get a chance to try a variety of seafood. I would also like to try Venice specialty, “Sarde in saor”.  I want to aimlessly wander through the streets of Venice. I want to visit the numerous cafes and try the wonderful delicacies. And of-course the most important thing which I can never forget is- shopping. I would go shopping for the leather bags, shoes, contemporary fashion, vintage souvenirs, etc. I would try to visit this spectacular city during the carnival which takes place every year. In this carnival thousands of people gather in the streets wearing masks and weird costumes. It’s fun to be there on such occasions. But, to enjoy all these activities the first step is to reach the place. So I hope a day will come when I can fly-off and reach the Venice Marco Polo International Airport and then drive to the beautiful city of Venice probably by train, car or ferry.

        It’s my dream to go on a historic and a romantic vacation to Venice. This is a city which is known all over the world due to its unique position and organization. There is no car, bus, etc. as public transport. There they have boats as a mean of public transportation. It’s indeed a stunning sight to behold the Gothic architecture, Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco and Doge’s Palace, etc. I want to capture the scenic beauty of Venice through my eyes. Visiting Venice would definitely be a memorable and a fairy tale experience for me. Many-a-times I had visited Venice in my dreams and explored the magical journey through the city. I wish I could pay a visit to this city very soon. I think Venice is a place that everyone should visit once in their life. I think it’s a perfect amalgam of land and water through which we can explore both the worlds (land and sea). Venice is definitely a place worth visiting and one of the dreams of my life.


Author Bio: Sanjana Alshi, Thane,Maharastra.She is a participant of Monthly Essay Competition, March, 2019



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