Words :No Longer Needed (Poem)

Photo by M K Paul

No one keeps words…

She’ll be my best friend,

Love me more than anything.

She, the promisor…

Now I can’t recall her,

And never she.

Prayed to the lord

For my missing relative.

Knew, he was missing but was with us.

Once, he came back and stayed together

But now he is missing from my heart…

Assured Mommy, I’ll be there always.

She is near tears now

And I, as helpless as confined dark.

Value my words, but don’t know how…

Words dominate the soul.

Everyone commits and forgets.

If want to keep your paroles,

By all odds, you’ll plummet…

I am done with words.

I have used them all up.

Those don’t matter anymore,

Words big or small,

At the end, it’s all in the silence

No Words…

Words are no longer needed…


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