Love of Lifetime (Poem)

Love of Lifetime
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It should happen,and it will.

I fall in love with you.

I am attracted to you like

The honeybee to the flowers,

Water to the thirster.

I am at serenity with you like

Heeding to rain drops fall in the dark night,

Sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake.

When I think of love of lifetime,

I think of you and me.

You are the one who

Can read my mind and

I’ll be amazed at what I find.

When I am looking for a fight,

You are the one who

Hold me in your arms so tight.

You are like, the poesy in motion,

Story without conclusion,

Music in search of lyrics,

Steal my heart, a jewel thief.

you are the everything and

I am nothing.

You are alive

Otherwise I will die.

Each fraction of my being

Mind,Body and Soul

are focused by you.

I will alive with you,

free with you and would

use my last breath to say



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