I wish…I wish (Poem)

Photo by M K Paul
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One fine morning, I found myself

In a clean white city,

Felt easy, felt little light

Such as, I got freedom from gravity…

Where I am, I asked,

Someone answered, its Heaven my dear,

Just from the back…

Wow, I am in Heaven!!!

Then where is God?

“I am here my child”

Responded, my Lord…

“You have very little time

To think for a wish.

So make a wish my dear,

I have to rush”

He asked…

Wishes are the things

That dreams are made of.

Wishes are the desires

That our brain thought up… I know

And I know all that

The storekeeper had no dreams to sell

So I bought the wishes

From the abode of God and the angels…

I closed my eyes and scratched my head,

“I wish I was something else”, I said.

“If I was the most beautiful women,

I could be women without brain.”

Some thought of,

“If I was the most intellectual one,

I could found myself in a miserable situation.”

So, I again thought of,

“If I was the wealthiest in world,

Could I make everything possible?”…

Suddenly I heard

‘Your time is up,

It’s enough time, you are sleeping,

Now wake up, wake up’..

Oh I was in dream!!!

I quite relaxed and

I wish, I pray, finally

‘Not to save me from danger,

But give me the power to win a victory

Over my fear’…


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