Beautiful Thread of Poems


Love In Lockdown

Amidst the days of lockdown

There started a story very new,

Of two grownups loving uptown,

As much as they ought to argue.

The corona bringing so much fear,

Paved the way for their love,

Conferring them the time to pioneer,

Each others heart as the heaven above.

Had the lockdown not been announced,

They ceased to have their affection,

Believing only their friendship as pronounced,

Evolving a sense of complexion.

This tale that started with a fight,

Grew as love in the quarantine,

Making each other hold so tight,

As now they call each other valentine.


I Wish We Had Never Met

I wish we had never met,

For the pain that you gave me

Is burning my soul,

Drowning me in doubts,

Making me struggle,

Each and every moment of my survival.

I wish we had never met,

For the sound of your voice

Is making my eyes wet,

Pushing me into loneliness,

Making it hard for me to thrive,

Each and every moment of my survival.

I wish we had never met,

For the smile of your face

Keeps on flashing in front of my eyes,

Taking my smile with it,

Making me think of you,

Each and every day of my survival.

I wish we had never met,

For the time spent with you,

Is constantly reminding me of you,

Frightening me from love,

Making me feel alone,

Each and every moment of my survival.

I wish we had never met,

For You took my heart

Breaking it into pieces,

Turning me into a stone,

 Making me heartless,

Each and every moment of my survival.

I wish we had never met,

For I can love no one more than you

Taking all my love,

Making me a loveless person,

Making me beg for love,

Each and every moment of my survival.



In this world full of chaos,

Where no one seems to be one’s very own,

It is only one to oneself,

Who remains the best the heart has ever known.

In this world full of cheats,

Where no one cares for anyone,

Loving oneself is the best thing one can do,

To protect oneself from the cruelty of everyone.

In this world full of sorrows,

Where people know only to hurt,

Self-love is the only way,

To clear the mind and remove all its dirt.

In this world full of loneliness,

Where everyone is busy with their own life,

It is only one’s self-love,

That can cut one’s sadness like a knife.


A Portrayal Of Life

Life commences from the day we are born,

And ceases on the day we are torn.

Life is like a wave full of ups and downs,

It gives chance to everyone in search of their crowns.

Life is too short to regret on the past,

It has a finite time that flies away so fast.

Life is too small to hold grievances against one another,

It is just as large as to love people we consider other.

Life is a gift to us by the Almighty God,

Loving and helping the needy can make it broad.

Life has given us our Mom and Dad,

Obeying them can refrain us from making it bad.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed,

Not a single moment in it should be destroyed.

Life is a game to be played,

It gets as large as it is made.

Life has its moment of tear,

Which can be overcome only if we do not fear.

Life gives a thousand reasons to smile,

Which can be done only if we make ourselves more agile.



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