Take Your Date on a Great First Date in a Bowling Alley

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If you are sick and tired of doing the usual boring first date ideas, you must level up by taking your crush to a bowling date. Instead of the usual movies and dinner, try searching for bowling near me so you can book a lane in advance. Doing something unique will make a great first impression. Hopefully, when you make all the right moves, you can make this a good lasting impression. Take a close look at why it is a great idea to do bowling as your first date.

Offers a Cool Conversation Starter

Instead of the usual awkward first date dinners where you’re grasping at straws to find a topic, bowling will allow you to converse with ease. It is a great icebreaker because you can chat about your past bowling escapades, discuss your funny gutter ball incidents, and share fun anecdotes about favourite bowling experiences. These topics can lead to a host of other stories which really gets the ball of conversation rolling. Remember, you don’t get this kind of leverage when you’re watching a movie either because, in a theater, you are forced to keep quiet.

Provides the Important Human Touch

When you bowl with your crush on the first date, this activity will allow you to make physical contact in a non-lewd manner. This casual and non-threatening touch can occur in various ways. You may both grab the ball at the same time. You can help correct your date’s bowling posture to help fix the throw. A high five after a perfect strike is also a harmless touch! When you can engage in a friendly touch, you will be more trusting and comfortable in each other’s presence. This will allow you to explore your relationship further. Now, it is clearly time to search for bowling near me so you can schedule this first date.

Proffers Other Activities

Often, a bowling alley is not just for bowling. You can do other activities such as play billiards, engage in a game of darts, or play other arcade games. There is also food and drinks so grabbing a bite to eat or a can of beer to help you unwind and have fun is a great idea. When you choose a bowling alley for your date, do take note that you’re not just limited to throwing bowling balls. Some bowling alleys even exude a more upscale and club-like feel with waiters. The choice is yours!

Allows Insight to Personality Traits

When you conduct a game of bowling, you are playing a competitive sport. This will actually reveal a lot about your date’s personality traits. How does this person take defeat? Will your date throw a tantrum with a gutter ball or can this individual take it in stride? If your date is able to laugh off a lack of bowling skills, it shows that this person has a laid back and fun character that’s easy to get along with. However, if your date gets irritated and annoyed, this signifies lack of sportsmanship. From there, you can decide if you want a second date or you want to move on because you can’t tolerate a bad attitude.

Final Word

In the world of dating, the first encounter is the most nerve-wracking of them all. However, you can ease your nerves and fears in a fun and casual environment of a bowling alley. Conducting your date here will diminish your tension and allow you to proceed in a playful manner, sans the pressure. Lose that first date jitters and have a spanking good time by throwing some bowling balls!


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