Know about the Dating Culture in Philippines


While people are all about equality, there will always be a subtle difference when one cross the geographical boundaries. Each and every country has its own culture and tradition, including the dating culture. Philippines dating, especially now, is nothing but an amalgamation of traditional and modern Filipino dating culture. They follow ‘Panliligaw’, which is nothing but their word for ‘courting’.Given below are many of the feature of the dating culture that is in trend there.

  1. The man makes the first move:

Filipino dating culture is more on traditional side in this topic. Almost all the time, it will always be the man making the first move. However, now a days, the urban areas are looking at confident women asking guys out for a date. The countryside and minor provinces are still big on traditional approach though.

  1. Parent’s permission:

If you are going to be dating Filipino women, then parents also play a vital role in this. When it comes to a traditional way, a man has to first ask for her parent’s permission first. However, these days, the meeting is usually shifted to the time when the couple officially declare themselves as one.

  1. PDA Rules and Regulations:

Public Display of Affection is not much looked forward to, in the traditional Filipino culture. And, as a result, even though people are now a lot more lenient and open-minded about the PDAs, there are limitations still. As compared to the western culture, it will seem a lot more conservative, owing to its Filipino cultural background.

  1. Religious beliefs:

Almost around 86% of the Filipinos are Catholic, while the remaining percentage makes for the other religious groups in the Philippines. As a result, many of the people there have religious values inculcated in them when the were growing up. It is one of the main reasons behind the rules and restrictions that still prevail in this dating culture for philippines dating,dating Filipino women.

  1. Meet the whole family:

If the lady introduces you to the whole family, then maybe you should know that the relationship is getting serious.And here, we are not talking about her parents and siblings, but whole family, from both of her parents’ side. Meeting the family, is in fact, an integral part of the dating culture here.

  1. Pamalae:

Pamalae is where a man asks woman’s hand in marriage. However, unlike Western Culture’s norms, the man has to ask for her family’s blessing too. A formal Pamalae consists of the couple, both their parents and siblings, if they have any, and sometimes, their grandparents, uncles and aunts. The purpose of Pamalae is where the families get together and make wedding plans.

Filipino women are a God’s blessing to the World. Let us now look at how these Filipino women are better than the rest!

  1. Filipino ladies are pretty:

Filipinos are so beautiful! They often become pretty brides for any foreign man and that’s why they are loved all over the World. These women look so stunning that once men meet a Filipino woman, they don’t want anybody else. And it is an impressive feat to pull, that’s for sure.

  1. They can win a beauty contest:

It is a known fact that most of the beauty contest winners are women from Philippines. Ladies around there are considered the most beautiful and the World can confirm it! There is something called mail-order brides, and if we look at this list, most of people choose Filipino brides.

  1. Filipino ladies are very exotic:

They are from the Orient – no wonder they are exotic to the Westerners. It is the pleasant difference that makes these women so interesting to people, especially to men.

  • caramel skin
  • long hair
  • dark eyes
  • wonderful manners
  • a shiny smile

Charming, doesn’t it?

  1. Filipino ladies are harmonious:

These ladies are very much harmonious and adjusting. It is about everything – their behavior, their dressing sense, the way they talk; literally everything. It is a wonderful trait of the ladies, and these do it so gracefully.

  1. A perfect balance:

A Filipino woman are very much a perfect blend of beauty and brains. While for most women, it is quite a difficult to choose between their job and family life, but not for Filipino women!They have an almost magical ability to keep everything under control and that too very fluently and efficiently.

Filipino women make the best girlfriends and wives that you can ever imagine. They are tender, beautiful, smart and know how to handle their lives. The Filipino relationship culture is not exactly that hard to cope up with. The real takeaway here is that this dating culture is unique and it make up for a good and lasting relationship. Show the Filipino ladies some love and respect and you will get it back in abundance.


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