What is the best font for essays?

By: Eusra Zabin

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Fonts are used to add style to a writing. Fonts are used to add emotion and personality to a printed matter, making it visually appealing. Every font has unique personality and purpose. While working on an essay it is imperative to match the font with the intended tone of communication and also ensure the readability of the texts. The fonts which are more preferred for writing essays are discussed below_ 

Times New Roman 

This font is based on an old sans-serif font Plantin Font and it was commissioned by British newspaper in 1931.This font is designed with robust colours and is influenced by European early modern and Baroque printing. It is highly legible at all practical size points. This font is on the narrow side so that you can fit more copy in a given space which is not possible with some other fonts. Times New Roman is widely available and is great for printing. An essay written with Times New Roman is easy to read and pleasing to the eye. 


Georgia is a serif typeface which was designed in 1993.It is designed to appear elegant but legible when printed small or on low resolution. Georgia font works well because it keeps text easy to read without overwhelming the other element on the paper. Because this font blend to one another, it creates a continuous look throughout the essay. Writing in Georgia font look beautiful because it has elements of both modern font with a bit of asymmetry and traditional font. Georgia font are legible at low resolution and is a bit more formal than some of the other sans serif fonts. 

Minion Pro 

It is a serif typeface font released in 1990.Minion Pro combines aesthetic and functional qualities that makes the texts highly readable with the versatility of open type digital technology. this font is inspired by late renaissance era type and intended for extended reading. Minion Pro ensures telegraphic control for lengthy texts and display settings. essays written using this font has simplified structure and modern proportion. large apparatus is used in this font to increase the legibility. 


Cambria is a transitional typeface commissioned by Microsoft and distributed with windows and office. this font is designed for screen reading and to look good when printed in small size. the letters in Cambria font are very even and proportional which gives the essays a formal appearance. when Cambria is used at a size over twenty the intercharacter spacing should be slightly reduced for best result. Diagonal and vertical hairlines and serifs are relatively strong .it is well designed, unobstructive and monospaced font. Every character has exactly the same width so the glyphs does not draw attention .Cambria font is perfect to use in bold titles for a timeless and traditional look. 


Arial is a sans serif typeface and set of computer font in the geo-grotesque style. the arial font is used in all version of Microsoft windows. Arial font is more rounded, softer, fuller curve, more open counters and artistic .it has a bland appearance that reproduces well with lower resolution environment. arial typeface consists of many styles like regular, italic, bold, black italic, narrow italic and many more .essays written with this font appear clean, neutral and easy to read. arial font is applicable for any industry. It is timeless and easy to access for use in projects. 


Helvetica is a popular sans serif font and it is also one of the most used font.it is also known as Neue Haas Grotesk. this font is inspired by 19th century typefaces such as Akzidenz-Grotesk font. This font supports a wide variety of alphabets such as Latin, Urdu, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, Japanese and Vietnamese .because it was designed specifically not give any inherent meaning, it is very adaptable for different project. Essays written in Helvetica font appear clean and modern also it does not assert an agenda or narration. The neutrality of Helvetica font made the typeface so popular. 


It is a digital sans-serif typeface family in the modern style. It is designed in 2002-2004.this font is eye-catching due to its stylish appearance. Calibri is default font in office.it consists a wide range of figures and lining. Calibri font is subtly rounded and corners are visible at larger sizes. This new font is widely available, has wider spacing and more accentuated shape. 


 It is a humanist sans serif typeface designed for Microsoft corporation.it is created for computer screen but it is also great for print due to its flexibility. The veranda font exhibit characteristics derived from the pixel rather than pen or brush. This font ensures clear pattern which is pleasing to the eye and easy to read. The generous width and spacing is the key to legibility in this font. 

By: Eusra Zabin

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