What is Essay Bot?

By: Alfina Hidayati

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Some students may be confused or even have difficulty in making assignments, one of which is an essay assignment. Most of them run out of ideas so they are confused about what to write. To write an essay, ideally we have to do it manually and observe something firsthand.

However, the more sophisticated technology is, now there is no need to be confused anymore because there is technology that can help students make essays quickly and easily, with the help of bots. There are many essay writing bots found on the internet, one of which is the essay bot.

Essay bot is a technology in the form of applications and websites. This technology can help and facilitate students in making or compiling essays. With state-of-the-art technology, this essay bot can create or produce non-market and highly varied writings. This essay bot can also be accessed via Android, iPhone or PC (Laptop and Computer). This essay bot offers several services to its users, among others, first this bot will find the source of the article, then suggest sentences or paragraphs, and compose complete sentences using artificial intelligence. This essay bot will also reduce the level of plagiarism by paraphrasing every sentence. And not only that, this essay bot also contains excerpts from the essays of its users.

The essay bot is mostly used by teenagers, especially students, therefore this bot is designed very simply and is quite easy to use. Users only need to type what they want to write in the form of sentences or questions, they can also directly type in the topic or title of the essay that will be made and the bot will work. The bot will display the first few paragraphs of the essay that will be recommended to the user and the user just needs to determine the first paragraph.

Usually the initial paragraph will be taken from a paraphrased scientific reference database to avoid plagiarism. However, this technology still has to involve its users to compose an essay. Users must add a few paragraphs that are still related to the topic of the essay. But just by typing a word, this bot will offer alternative sentences that can be connected with previous sentences. However, because today’s technology is also increasingly sophisticated, there is a possibility that the paragraph may still contain plagiarism even though it has been paraphrased.

Reporting from Vox, Aaron Yin, the creator of Essay Bot said that the working system of this bot is actually almost similar to a translator. So he claims that using Essay Bot is not cheating. This bot only provides alternative sentences and helps find several sources that can be used by its users.

Although it offers several conveniences, this bot also has several weaknesses including, the resulting sentences sometimes do not match so it is confusing, and makes the sentences become disconnected when combined with the previous paragraph. This is because bots are not able to make the right argument or narrative to frame the essay. So the resulting points are contradictory.

In addition, to get more access users must register first. And in order to be able to download the essays that have been compiled, users are also required to subscribe and are subject to a subscription fee. The subscription fee is around 9.95 USD or the equivalent of 144 thousand rupiah per month. Or if you want to be more efficient, Essay Bot also provides a year-long subscription package, which is priced at 49.95 USD or the equivalent of 722 thousand rupiah.

In conclusion, this essay bot is quite helpful for students and makes it easier for them to compose essays. But don’t expect too high, because this is just a bot, not a professional academic service. With these weaknesses, the resulting essays are of low quality. It is better for users to reconsider using the bot in making essays. Because it is possible that the essays that are arranged are not perfect or even do not match the topic you are looking for.

In addition, it is very unfortunate if you have to subscribe and spend money but the results are not appropriate. It is better to compile essays manually by pouring all the ideas we have and developing them. There are several sites and applications that can help us in compiling essays so that our essay results are maximized, including Cambridge Dictionary, Thesaurus, Microsoft Dictionary, Worldref, or even Google Translate. And to check the accuracy of the grammar, you can use the Grammarly application which can also be accessed through the website.

By: Alfina Hidayati

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