How to Write an Interpretive Essay

By: Titis Sulistiyo Wardani

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First of all let;s know what an interpretive essay is? An interpretive essay is a written work that uses the techniques of identifying, evaluating, and analyzing in that written work. In addition, interpretive is also interpreted as a written interpretation of a literature-book, essay poem, an so on. Interpretive also uses question suc as what is the theme, setting, tone, or character. This assigment gives you the freedom to express your opinion about the paper. There is no right or wrong answer there, because it’s all up to your opinion. But you must really understand the paper you choose, must really know the contents of the paper so that your opinion looks logic. Don’t just show a summary while you write an interpretive essay. Try to find out more about the content. Because, if you only write a summary it only explain the surface.

Before writing you must read the paper you choose repeatedly, so that you better understand the content. While you reading focus on the setting, events, characters, theme, and their description in the literature. After finding this important point, then move on to the intoduction. Here how to write an interpretive essay:

Thesis introduction

Start writing an introduction with an introduction to a piece of writing that you choose. Write a short summary of 3-4 sentences describing the paper. The summary will help the reader identify the content of the writing paper. Don;t fprget to write down the title, the author’s name, and all the elements you want to write about. Also write down the important parts of the paper that you identify. Then make your thesis statement in one sentences. In the thesis make sure you write down what you wnat to convey to the reader clearly, so that it is easy to understand and use language that is not to convoluted.

The body

The body of the essay is the part where you analyze your opinion of the text. In writing you must pay attention to it carefully, your opinion must be supported by relevant examples, such as writing quotes in the text. Please note that writing literature you must write down it’s meaning correctly, comparing with other literature, distinguish it between the literature and other literature. It will also be better if the analysis is based on a literary theory. Besides that you need to know that writing an analysis according to the structure will get higher value points too. It’s also important to create a roadmap so that your writing is easily understood by readers.

Generally, the paragraph also mentions several questions that the reader can answer, because everyone’s opinion is different. The question are such as questioning the agreement of an opinion, the truth of an argument, or you can ask what the reader thinks about the text. It will be very good if you involve the reader to think about the literature yo are analyzing because the reader will feel chalenged by the question. Make sure when you write the body everything must be wrapped properly and in order. The writing of the body parts must be written in order so that the readers does not get confused with your essay.

The conclusion

In the conclusion section, you must incorporate all the literary elements that you have interpreted into your essay. Usually, in this conclusion state the important points of your analysis of the literature. Basically, it explains how the onterpretation of the analysis is a big picture that can affect your personal life. Also you are explain the contribution of literature that you write to the surrounding community whether it is useful or not.

In writing an interpretive essay you should also pay attention to transitions. From one idea to the next idea use clear transitions. Avoid using transitions that are too sudden or awkward. Use effective transitions so that the dosplacement looks natiral. Don’t use too stiff transitions, let you text look smooth.

Writing an interpretive essay cannot be saud to be easy. To make writing easier you can use some tips such as :

  1. Making a roadmap so that your essay is more structured.
  2. Writing down a list of questions to develop.
  3. Avoid using words that are difficult to understand, it’s better to use simple words.
  4. Read repeatedly so that you know more about the contents of the literature.
  5. Avoid using synonims because they will confuse the reader.

Although writing an interpretive essay can be difficult, you will find it easier if you write with the tips given above.

By: Titis Sulistiyo Wardani

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