A Beauty Unmatched


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Eternal beauty of Earth, ensnared in a dungeon;

Oh, hearken dear people,

With your solitude and empathy,

Let’s make Mother Earth in seventh heaven.


Bring back the green cover, curb damages with altruistic act,

Planting more trees, and recycling resources could have a humongous impact.

Cease forest fires, stop the burning of fossil fuel;

Bellowing Mother Earth at the need of the hour, don’t be so cruel.


The aesthetic rainbow in the sky; fading away,

The lugubrious trees,

Butterflies with broken wings, shedding tears of sorrow,

The beatific voice calls again, there’s nothing left for tomorrow.


Pay off her lenience,

Value her to avert extinction;

Act decisively to conserve her,

With your ardour and protection.


Resembling trees of old, light of silvery and gold;

The infinite sky with myriad stars,

Through the skies through the past;

The flimsy beauty of this world, won’t forever last.


When will we see mighty Ganges sparkling with happiness,

Majestic Himalayas forgiving us with absolute holiness.

She walks with exquisite grace, amidst the vicious storms,

Let’s embrace and protect the beauty in it;

For, she is our own planet, the Earth.


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