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Mystery. How uncertain is it to know the truth about some incidents? How difficult is it to believe some theories? It requires a deep study involved in it, still the chances of 100% accuracy is not to be found. The puzzles of which we always try find a missing piece of, the answers to those cliffhangers which are left to remain as a secret. Generations pass by but the truth is not to be found. It lies buried with the people involved; nature’s grace which no one can reveal; and some powerful force which drives the mystery with itself.

Inspite of all the theories, it is not necessary that these unsolved cases have to be horrifying, dark and scary; some could be a source of astonishment as well. Why is it that most of the times mystery is connected with some ghost, far away remote place, haunted lane or ‘Haveli’? 

Mysteries are the unknown truth which can be exciting to remain the way it is without knowing the truth. Things don’t always need to be factually correct to get the essence of it. Sometimes the hideous nature can be more exciting than the event. So here is one of the unsolved mysteries which is not horrifying at all.

So what comes to your mind when you hear about twins? Generally, the image of two siblings which look alike flashes in front of our eyes when we hear about them. Though, it is not necessary for twins to look similar. But the universal tendency of human nature makes look-alike twins appear in front of our eyes. Every person may have looked at twins’ atleast once in their lives or known a few.

But how is the process of having twins? 

The biological process of the egg and sperm is known to all since their high school days. But how can this be related with the geographical location of a place which a has high birth-rate of twins?

Astonishing! Isn’t it?

The truth revolves around a small village in Kerala known as ‘Kodinhi’. This village is very less populated with approximately 2000 families and it has around 400 twins with the numbers increasing each year. India is known for one of the lowest twinning rates in the world but this village has a high twinning rate.

How did this happen?

Numerous studies have been conducted in the recent past to throw light on the factual and scientific causes of the high birth rate in this region. 

A few of the theories or researches have been mentioned as under:

  1. Some doctors and scientists relate the phenomenon to the drinking water found in this region.
  2. A few suggest that reasons could be of the genetic factors as well. However, they have not come close to any biological or physical peculiarity of the people in this region.
  3. It has also been thought of the air quality, food and diet of the people involved in this region but it lacks full-proof evidence.

Correlating with the highest twin populated region of the world:

Igbo-Ora of Nigeria is the place with the largest population of twins in the world. Studies were conducted by collecting hair and saliva samples to study their DNA and correlating them with the studies of Igbo-Ora. The air quality, diet pattern and other geographical and biological studies were also conducted for comparing between the two of them. However, no similarities could be found.

Others facts which do not correlate as a reason for twins are:

  1. Biologically, twins are born to mature women. But the women of this village are born in their early twenties. So this reason gets ruled out. 
  2. Another fact reveals that twins are generally born to women of 5 feet 3 inches. Women of this village have an average height of 5 feet. So this also doesn’t hold good.

 The secrecy of the twin village thus remains unsolved. The place with very less population gaining so much recognition from the unknown mystery makes them popular. But the truth lies in the lack of government support for such families to help their kids grow well.

The people of this village have found the first of its kind an association known as the ‘The Twins and Kins Association’. This association helps to support the families of the twins, which includes the cost of raising them, education and training, providing them with job opportunities.

Doesn’t the mystery of twin village still remain unsolved?

Whatsoever, mystery is like an unanswered question, which makes one thing over and over again. ‘History is full of mysteries’, they say, yet the mystery continues to be remembered for the generations to come for the people to know about them, explore and pass them to their next generation. Answers may not necessarily be known for enjoying the specialty of such incidents, places and people. Thus mystery should not be correlated to some myths, black magic and some soul, but it should be dwelled as a story with a different genre. 

By Hiral Nandu, Mumbai



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