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Essay is one type of essay that is widely written both for the public regarding a particular topic or personal problem. In passing, the essay discusses a problem or topic through the point of view of the writing, both views, opinions, and expressions about a thing or problem that is ongoing or happening in society.Therefore, the creativity of the author is needed in the process of writing essay.

There are millions of topics for writing essays around us.  With just a little creativity, an interesting essay can be created. Before writing an essay, determining the topic and title that will be used is the first step.  This is where creativity begins to be used to develop an interesting and creative essay framework. The key is to find interesting creativity to produce a creative and innovative essay.

First step, try to think of something new or different before writing.  Something that never existed.  Try imagining something interesting and unheard of that might someday be created. Finding something new as an essay material is one step to develop creativity which will certainly be very helpful in creating a creative essay. Open the mind to see far ahead to make it easier to be creative with unlimited creativity.

Second, to get a creativity to write an essay into a million words requires a desire to know.  A desire to find out new things can lead a person to new knowledge and insights so that creativity will emerge along with increasing knowledge due to curiosity. In this era we have been facilitated with various types of cutting-edge technology that are useful for adding insight and knowledge.  This convenience will certainly help foster creativity and enrich the topic of a problem through knowledge that is very easy to reach. The term is searching or browsing using internet media which is very broad and unlimited so that it is enough to satisfy the thirst for knowledge.  Curiosity has a positive impact, one of which is to trigger creativity.

Third, record the ideas that have been obtained. It is not hard to find an idea or topic around.  When we sit on a wooden bench we think, wood comes from trees.  What will happen if many trees are cut down just to make benches and other furniture, that’s an idea. Peel the candy and then just leave the plastic wrap, garbage that is difficult to recycle even by nature, that’s an idea. Finding an idea or topic from an existing problem triggers creativity.  Finding one idea can cause the growth of new ideas that can be combined with each other so that various kinds of complex ideas are formed which contain creativity. With creativity, an idea will be able to bring up a new innovation that will be useful in the future through the creation of an outcome or product that surpasses the previous product or even gives birth to something new.  Such is the relationship between cultivating creativity and ideas so that an innovation is born out of creativity.

Fourth, mindset. An open mindset will be very helpful in developing a creativity so that a topic that will be discussed can be studied critically with various possibilities that support it, this will be very helpful in the process of creating a creative essay. Having an open mindset means being able to accept all available inputs and possibilities so that it triggers the willingness of ideas to think creatively with the skills to see a problem from a another or different point of view idea.

In conclusion, creative essay can emerge by triggering creativity in the author self. Focusing on a single problem and solution is not enough to create an outstanding essay.  Detailing in various rules of essay writing with various convoluted research procedures without creativity can lead to imperfect works, stiff and even unattractive. It takes creativity to build a new creative essay that meets expectations and is useful.

Write creative writing essay can be both fun and useful.  Thinking of new ideas or ideas is something fun.  Moreover, the author can express and have an opinion about a problem topic from his point of view. Creativity is everywhere and it is very easy to find it.  It doesn’t always have to be a tedious observation that costs time, money, and effort, just a rigid idea without creativity.  Creativity can come naturally through an open mind.  By feeling, seeing, knowing, then an idea or ideas are thought of that are rooted in other ideas.  That is creativity.  To write a creative essay, find creativity within yourself.


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