Fear : Scaring You Away(Poem)

Mother's Day Special


I’m falling from sky,

I’m digging myself in the deepest hole,

I’m looking into the darkness,

I’m dying, without the honor of soul..

If you think all these are my fears, then

You are wrong.

Let’s tell you,

What’s going on…


When I knock my house without finding the door,

When she slides slowly from yours,

When I find her cheeks flooded with tears,

When her voice sounds foreign to my ears.

I fear when she fear.

My fear is scaring you away

Living a life without you

And leave me without a thought in this world…

If you left me alone,

I’ll be nothing but paralyzed piece of pulp,

Laying right where I fell to the ground.

Don’t go anywhere Mom,

I can’t live without you.

Love You MAA (Mother)…. I’m Nothing without You…

Mousumi Kundu Paul

Mousumi Kundu Paul© 2012 M K Paul

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