The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel

By Baala Chourasiya

Source :thawards

If you are a hardcore, royal and an expensive traveler then you surely will look for the world’s best hotel. Here’s a crucial information about a hotel which is definitely made for the royal and rich travelers as well the dream of many. 

Burj Al Arab. The name is enough to explain the imperiality of the hotel. The Burj al Arab is a masterpiece of an excellent architecture and a home to innovation and luxury. Burj al Arab is situated in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. One’s tour is incomplete in UAE without a stay in Burj Al Arab. Controlled by Jumeriah hotel group and is one of the tallest hotels across the world. Known mostly for its special location, surrounded by water on the three side. A jewel in the desert, an unforgettable experience, surely will gate crash once again these are just a few reviews given by the people who had a fabulous stay. A jaunty person will definitely have a blast as a stay in here offers a lot of fun rides, Spa, Fitness center, pool table, game room, water park, Private beach area and of course Water sports. Parents can too enjoy here without tension as a special area for kids the kids club is an ideal location for children to enjoy themselves. 

 A person with serious personality will surely have a change in the aura as no one can stop them from Sauna, library, Massage, Evening entertainment, beachfront, hair styling, hair coloring, facial treatments and definitely various equipment to pamper yourselves and these all make ones journey a memorable one. 

Coming to construction of the remarkable one it required 10,000 m2 floor area and 60000 m2 concrete with 9000 tons of reinforced steel. Its specialty of construction is there is a concrete core at the back of the building which makes the base with V-shape and trusses attached to it. The only way to get in through is through a bridge. The astonishing design was designed by Tom wright in October 1993 and finally was finished in 1999. The wonder is made of shimmering metal one can discover at every turn throughout the property from the 10 million gold mosaic tiles used in the design of the pools, to the elevator banks, and of course the breathtaking golden embellished oyster shell that enters into Al Mahara, the hotel’s iconic aquarium themed restaurant. With these massive features Burj Al Arab was the first record braking feature of Dubai. A stay in here cost $2000 per night but still suites are high demand as they consider it to be once in a life time moment. Int the year 2008 another record was broken by this dream hotel of selling the most expensive cocktails worth 27,321 AED. Adding one more record which is of creating the world’s largest tin of caviar in 2016, which contained 17kg of Empress caviar – the world’s only fully-certified organic caviar from native-raised sturgeon. 

Burj Al Arab holds only 28 double story floor which consists of 202 bedrooms the smallest suit is of area 162m2 the largest is of 780m2. World’s only seven-star hotel as its beyond one’s imagination therefore five stars reduced its worth. The royal suit ranks on number 12 in the world’s 15 most expensive suits as well most solace for travelers. With some extensive room features such as Air conditioning, Private beach, Additional bathroom, Housekeeping minibar, Refrigerator, Flatscreen TV, On-demand films and many more stuff to enjoy yourself. A great perplexity for one to choose between so many rooms like,Ocean view, Non-smoking rooms, Suites, Family rooms, Smoking rooms, underwater rooms are a few popular among them. The hotels dream staff and of course the cooperative room service which is available 24 by 7 is one of the reasons of this hotel be the most preferred one. Let’s see some appreciable things which makes the hotel an ideal and most luxurious hotel there are almost 16 in house florist. A squad of six florists take their precious eight hours to completely decorate the lobby and the corridors entry gates rooms suites beach fronts and various places these flowers are specially imported from Holland, Kenya, South Africa and Thailand. There’s always an aim on the guest’s favorite flowers so that they are solace in theirs rooms and suites. Hope that you were dream driven by such a description about Burj Al Arab and clearly, it’s the most luxurious hotel till date, the luxury, the comfort, the home feels and for sure the epic room service that is provided here, you are always welcomed again here.

By Baala Chourasiya, Jamnagar


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