ABHIMANYU : The Most Famous Sensation of Indian History

By Tanya Verma

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India has adorned its history with the intense conquests and great sacrifices of the various brave, courageous, sacrament and ardent warriors, rulers and knight fighters. Those knight warriors who have scratched their names in the Indian history by their contribution to their respective works and duties. Indian history has a never ending list of such warriors who each have an amazing history of their own kinds. However, all of their life mysteries are an inspiration to all, but, still the way they connect their aspirants (those who wants to explore about warriors) to their life histories is just amazing. Whosoever reads and knows about their life is just indulged into their mystery for knowing and exploring more and more about them… doesn’t matters how deep it may be! The lessons and mysteries of their lives are always considered to be an excitement even after centuries. Each count of their life phase becomes a measure of interest. They have stolen all the Indian hearts that still they are worshiped reverently.

It is not like that but really, there is some magic in the Indian literature and rites that the warriors born in India have always been able to sacrifice their everything for their motherland – India. There have been many gallant names in the Indian history, such as, Chatrapati Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Chandragupta Maurya, Samudragupta and many more whose praise, contribution and valiant works cannot be defined in just the piece of papers. One such valiant warrior wearing his weapons like sword, bow and arrow, spear and Gada as his ornaments is known in the Indian history as “ABHIMANYU”, the son of great archer and brilliant warrior the Pandava- Arjuna. He was blessed to take birth from the womb of the half-sister of Lord Krishna, “Subhadhra”. He has evenly contributed to his role in the ancient Indian epic “Mahabharata”. Abhimanyu, throughout his life, has exemplified many virtues such as courage, righteousness, selflessness, and respect for elders and love for one’s family. He illuminated the name, fame, dignity and honor of the “Kuru” clan by all his might and valor. So great was his valor that even the eminent warriors of his opposition in the war were obliged to bow in front of his commencements and audacious bravery. This gallant warrior who breathes only till sixteen has been well known for his bravery indeed his sacrifice in the war of religion -MAHABHARATA. Mahabharata- the great Indian mythology which is known as the mother of all wars, the mother of all rivalries, the cauldron of emotions, insecurities, jealousies and a master lesson for the entire mankind. A dynastic struggle had occurred for the throne of Hastinapur which had been ruled by the ‘Kuru’ clan, between Kauravas and Pandavas –the collateral branches of the clan, which caused the Kurukshetra War. The two collateral branches of the same clan were so differenced by the insecurities and the jealousy that it leads them to the threshold of war and ‘Lord Krishna’ himself decided to step in and took control over the situation.

Lord Krishna-whose leadership and support allowed the Pandavas to win the battle of Mahabharata which could never be made possible without his involvement at their side. He guided indeed helped them to take necessary steps and actions at the correct time. Krishna was known as “Dwarkadheesh”, the title which he got after the establishment of his kingdom-Dwarka. He could manage the establishment of ‘Dwarka’ with the help of the all time powerful and mightier army-Narayani sena. Narayani Sena had always safeguarded Yadava clan from other kingdom’s conquests. 

At the time of the war, the Kaurava’s leader-Duryodhana and the Pandava-Arjuna, begged for help in the war, at the same time from the Yadavas. Treating no comparision between the two, Krishna offered both of them to choose between the Narayani Sena and on the other hand- only himself. Arjuna had always believed in Krishna and his deeds irrespective of knowing that he had incarnated as Krishna, being Lord Vishnu. So he chose for Krishna neglecting the all-time powerful and mightier Narayani Sena. Hence, Narayani Sena was willingly opted and chosen by Duryodhana.

The five Pandavas namely-Yudhishthir, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakul, and Sehdev along with their common wife-Draupadi were sent on exile for thirteen years by the Kaurava’s ruler-Dhritrashtra, also the father of hundred Kaurava brothers. The gallant, unborn child was sent to his uncle, Lord Krishna along with his mother, Subhadhra. There he learnt the art of entering into the deadly and virtually impenetrable Chakravayuh under the guidance of Krishna and his son, Pradhyumana. However, the epic also reveals that Arjuna himself taught the most secretive knowledge of entering into the Chakravayuh where he was still unborn in his mothers’s womb. It is known that Abhimanyu overheard Arjuna talking about the trick of entering the Chakravayuh in his mother’s womb. But later when she dozed to sleep, he stopped explaining the escape trick of the Chakravayuh. As a result, he skipped to learn the knowledge of escaping out.

Like his father, he also had a very good knowledge of archery and much strategic warfare. The tragic hero had always been taught  respecting the elders, decency bravery, righteousness, selflessness, love for one’s family and most important-the attitude of sacrificing himself at the time of need.

After completion of the exile of Pandavas, Abhimanyu got married with Uttara, daughter of king Virata, in lieu of the forthcoming Kurukshetra War. The war of Mahabharata lasted to continue for eighteen days, during the successful, courageous and dashing fight of twelve days, Abhimanyu impeded many putative warriors. The invincible and inexpugnable warriors-Duryodhana (Kaurav head-elder son of Dhritrashtra), Dushasana (brother of Duryodhana), Guru Dronacharya (teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas), Ashwathama (son of Dronacharya and friend of Duryodhana), Shakuni Mama (maternal uncle of Duryodhana), Jaydrath (brother in law of Duryodhana), Angaraj Karana and many more fought against Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu impeded them one after the other and killed other important personalities such as Kumara Lakshmana, the son of Duryodhana and Brihadbala, the king of Kosala, belonging to Ikshwaku dynasty.

The thirteenth day of the Mahabharata proved to be fateful for Pandavas. The Kauravas planned the formation of impenetrable Chakravayuh under the guidance of Guru Dronacharya and other eminent warriors. Shakuni Mama had been known for his unbeatable intelligence, following the same, he planned to distract Arjuna and Krishna-the charioteer of Arjuna during Mahabharata war. At the same time of the Kurukshetra War, the Samsaptakas army attacked at Virat Nagar of Matasya. As the King Virata was serving himself to support the Pandavas in the Mahabharata War, so it was the Pandavas who had to protect Virat Nagar as well. For accomplishing the same, Arjuna and Krishna alone decided to protect Virat Nagar and that’s why Kauravas got a golden opportunity to tackle rest of the Pandavas Company with the help of a boon that Jaydrath had been blessed with. 

Surprisingly for Pandavas, they got to know that they had been grasped in a trap and intentionally Samsaptakas attacked at Virat Nagar and Arjuna and Krishna were clueless so they went there. As none other than Arjuna and Krishna knew the skills to safely enter and escape from the Chakravayuh. As the Pandavas had never surrendered so quitting at that moment was not worth. But at the same time, they also couldn’t gather courage to put their nephew’s life on stake. But forcefully, Abhimanyu managed to convince Yudhishthir to enter the deadly and virtually impenetrable Chakravayuh. The Pandavas then planned to follow and protect him in the absence of his father-Arjuna as he had decided to break the Chakravayuh. While entering, the Pandavas got to met Jaydrath with the power of a boon from Lord Shiva to hold off everyone except Arjuna. Jaydrath-the Sindhu king, that day, couldn’t be defeated by anyone except Arjuna. And unfortunately, Arjuna was not there that day. He impeded the four Pandavas and the other allies, when they were following and protecting Abhimanyu. And unfortunately, Abhimanyu got separated from them all. But still Abhimanyu ferociously entered into the formationof Chakravayuh and through his courage and bravery he fended for himself against the entire Kaurava army. He fended so ferociously that even none of the eminent warriors could individually handle him. He battled bravely with Angaraj Karana. He also got to met Guru Dronacharya. Instead of so many hurdles and the presence of all the invincible and inexpugnable warriors, and various warnings given to him by them, he didn’t decide to leave. Rather, he called them for fight. Guru Dronacharya burnt his chariot by a fire arrow he threw at Abhimanyu. But he escaped safely from there and with the help of a sword in one hand and the wheel of his chariot in another, he fought bravely. Even an expression of terror or fear couldn’t be recognized on his dashing face. The smile of victory and righteousness didn’t escape from his decent facial expressions. Until, the last part of the chariot wheel stopped to protect him, until, his long and sharp sword lasted some inches length, until, their decision of individual fighting turned to the simultaneous attack on the legend. He continued to fight indeed win. But that fatal day won!

Dushasana ruptured his head under his feet with a mace as ordered by Duryodhana. Even in such harass circumstances, the valor warrior didn’t drop his fervor attitude which fizzled out Dushasana and he became furious and wrathful. However, the everlasting chivalry and perk on his face and heart, forced the opposition and they obeisant for his audacious bravery and all sacrifices he did for his father and family and that too at such a young age, all warmly. He was greatly praised for his endurance. Although, everything had just somber out for him as he was breathing his most auspicious breaths of his life. His each breath was counting and adding to his pride, confidence and valor. His sparkling eyes were the proof of his faith in righteousness and his endurance due to which the self-confidence of the enemies was also shaken. He won several fights during the war.

The knight warrior brea of all the torture done on him by the Kauravas during the fight. Although the vengeance of Abhimanyu’s death was taken by his father-Arjuna the very next day by the death of Jaydrath, but even with the succumb of a very brave warrior from earth, not only the Pandavas but the Kauravas and the entire world were in deep sorrow and anxiety. At the end of the day, considering his immense sufferings and constant persecution being perpetrated on him, Angraj Karana poked his sword in his body and Abhimanyu was immortalized in the heart of every Indian even after the great valor stopped inhaling his last breath.

It is true that India had lost its most important knight from its lap, but maybe, that was the only way to re-establish religion in that unrighteous society. Perhaps, the sacrifice of the brave son Abhimanyu was necessary to destroy the Kauravas and all the unrighteous people who were involved in the insult of his step mother-Draupadi during that speculative assembly. The entire life of Abhimanyu was sacrificed for his loved ones. He lived each and every moment of his life for his parents and his motherland. He even considered himself an arrow from his father’s bow, whose aim was pre-contained. His parents had always been proud of him. Despite being married at a very young age, he also well knew his duties of being a husband of Uttara. The epic also reveals that the day when he died, was the day when Uttara came to know about her pregnancy. But unfortunately, Abhimanyu died before he could be informed about the good news of becoming a father. After Abhimanyu’s death, his son Parikshit was the only successor of Pandava dynasty. Abhimanyu, even after his death and his sacrifices, is immortal in all the Indian hearts.

By Tanya Verma, Panipat, Haryana


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