Creation – A Poem Collection

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The world which is corrupted,
Whose last love has already evaporated.
Nothing else is left other than I, me, mine!
It is like poison,
In an already poisonous wine!
I look at my left,
Hundreds of people in dept.
I look at my right,
Where people always fight.
I look up, at the mirror,
Which reflects our greatest, and deepest horror.
What have we become?
Yet, there is more to come.
So we need to change,
There is nothing that is not in our range.

We need to forgive each other.
We need to come together.
We need to leave past behind,
And look at the future,
Opening each other’s blinds.
Alone we can do something,
But together we can do anything!
Everyone Assemble,
We are going to make a future,
To which the success will resemble!
And let me assure you,
Nothing is impossible!


We eat lots of icecreams,
And go to waterparks,
And give joyful screams!
It’s time to be funny,
It’s time to be happy!
We all laugh,
At the silliest jokes.
And try not to cough,
After drinking secret cold cokes!
There is not time to waste!
There is not time to rest!
We have to laugh and jump about,
When skies are bright.
And scare the skin out,
From everyone during scary night!
Some funny lines,
Will make everyone giggle.
Some naughty minds,
Will make us wriggle!
We have to spend every ounce of energy,
And spread everyone a giggle allergy!
The fun limit crosses its height!
You know what I am talking about right?
It’s a total bummer,
And yes!
Ofcourse it’s Summer!


It’s good,
It’s bad.
Bad in the sense,
You will have to leave everyone of your friends.
Good in the sense,
You will sure make new friends.
Many of my present classmates,
Don’t even know what is transfer.
And by just simple sorting of their mates,
They really do suffer.
Sometimes I wonder,
Will we ever meet after transfer?
But the next moment I remember,
I have never met those, whome I have left forever.
It’s sad,
It’s bad,
It’s mad!
But then I realize,
There is no moment in my life,
When my mom hasn’t stood by my side.
I smile,
When i remember that time,
When my mom said,
I am talkative enough,
And making friends will not be tough.
And sure enough,
When i went to Karnataka,
I really did make friends in Kaiga.
And when I came here,
It took no time in making it clear.
That I do have some magical power.
I made two perfect besties,
Who are always near.
And now I know, I can take this over.
But no one can ever replace,
Their taken place,
That’s for sure case.
I will miss you,
And no one will ever replace you.
And that’s perfectly true.

Father’s Day Special!

Dad you are the best,
You know that,
I know the rest.
You have a very bad temper,
But do you know,
You are the best helper?
Sometimes when I do mistakes,
In a very cold night,
You are like snow,
With a continuous and neverending flow.
But when I complete my work pile,
And win a prize,
You put on a smile,
Of the biggest size!
Seeing your smile,
Satisfaction comes to me, 90km/mile!
And I do care of it’s size,
Because I know, that it is my ultimate prize!
You always say,
No break!
And always pray,
For my sake.
So now dad, I speak for you,
I pray,
For your better health,
And maintenance of a brain full of knowledge wealth!
Be happy,
You know you are the best daddy!
So, I say,
I am an ozone ray,
Repelling all stress out of your way!
So, I again say,
A Very Happy Father’s Day!


Be at home,
And don’t you dare go out and roam.
Or the police will come,
And pick you up from home!
Finish all your chores,
And only when needed, open your doors.
Be good, and eat less food,
Because, it’s a lockdown
To increase our world’s faith,
And not your weight!
Exercise and breath,
Make sure that you sleep.
Lockdown doesn’t mean that you are free,
It means, that it’s the starting of our victory!
Unity is the best policy,
This will be our currency,
To make less our world’s diversity.
Be truthful,
Be faithful,
And be hopeful.
We all are suffering together,
And we only, will make sure,
That this does not go on forever!

My School 

Sometimes my parents ask me,
Are you getting bore?
Should we join you in some extra classes,
So that you get a better score?
I plead,
No! I am having great fun with my present classes, I say,
But deep down my heart I pray,
That school will surely open after May.
I know it’s foolish to think that way,
Seeing what’s happening today,
But I still do have a hope of ray.
I still haven’t got my result,
Of last year’s exams,
And with each day passing,
I see my marks decreasing.
If they don’t give it in a hurry mail,
Then I will surely get the confirmation,
That I really did fail!
Our teachers give us hundreds of notes,
As if there is nothing to do other than writing chores.
When I realize how much there is to write,
Sometimes tantrums come up,
And I say,
I can’t write anymore today.
Sometimes I wish,
I could drop atom bombs on those who say,
There is nothing much to write, anyway.
Earlier I dreamed of going on a vacation,
Where I am alone,
And can do all the work from home,
But now, as I am unfortunately stuck in one,
I realize that real fun is with everyone.
I miss you school,
It’s really hard to live without you,
You are cool!
I promise you school,
We will surely meet you soon!

My Two Best Friends

My best friends
You both make me laugh,
You both make me cry,
You both make me shout,
But still sometimes make me shy.
You both make me feel high,
But sometimes make me lie.
You both sometimes give me dark looks,
But still like me for my love for books.
You two pull me together,
When I am down,
And push me down,
When I am soaring around.
You make me wait like pillars,
Sometimes you make me jealous.
You both are my real friends,
You both are my present enjoyment trends.
We sometimes fight,
But then unite,
At, last we are ment to stay together,
And always forgive each other.
You both are my friends,
And you fulfill my friendship’s quench.
One is good at huddle races,
The other one in puzzle cases,
It doesn’t matter to me,
However different are we.
Whatever you do,
Whatever you say,
You are my friend,
And I love you that way.

By Hiya Pahari, Mumbai, India


  1. Too nice with wise contents….you are really going to do a great work in literature,just opt for that …my best wishes to you …….

  2. I have read the poems. All r good and the best is HOPE to me.Go on writing.we r hopeful of yr success.Best wishes.Dadu

  3. Hi Hiya… Excellent poetry… You have depicted each emotion nicely. All of them are good but transfer touched my heart. Keep writing.. Best wishes for your future endeavors.


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