The Eternal Ray

By: Sai Archana Murthy

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I watched a bee frantically struggle

In the closed glass house ahead.

No way to be let out into the open,

But lo! There was a sudden bright light

Reflected on the conical house top.

Our industrious friend flew to it,

Beat its wings rapidly at the glass – Alas!

It was a mirage in the glassy desert!

It then struck me that I share its plight,

Desperate in search for just a tiny crevice

Just enough to nudge my way out.

Weighed down daily by work deadlines and peer pressure

Straining to preserve the multiple familial bonds at every family discussion

Walking with the heart of truth, calm and firm against the false glittery crowd

In search of a crevice of warm hope and powerful trust.

Lo! There was a bright light in the welcoming smiles of people I met, Though, the light seemed blinding bright.

My over-joyous and eager mind scurried for one honest smile of hope Alas! I realized too late it was quicksand.

I rushed back home, my face flushed With resentment and a feeling of injustice.

I then beseeched my Lord, who dispatched me to the outer world.

My mind travelled back to the day of my last interview with the Creator of all beings.

When time is constricted and you only get one question with your Maker, He listens to your heart, before words are given a voice.

God’s answer surpasses Time and the message holds true for lifetimes.

He lovingly looked deep into my eyes, transporting me to a higher world

“I will be in you every moment as your life breath, your very heart beat.”

These words jolted me back to the present, and my eyes brimmed and tongue leadened.

On the sand dunes of work and relationships, in the lonely desert of the world,

To pine for an oasis of affection and care through each rough day is silliness;

But to imagine the mirage as the elixir of life that sustains life is utter foolishness.

The only reality in the world is our relationship with God;

To nurture this beautiful relationship as the breath of life is the only eternal ray.

By: Sai Archana Murthy

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