Spectrum: Hands down the finest cable provider in your area!

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Charter communications recently became the second-largest pay-TV, Internet, and Phone service provider in the US by the number of subscribers. Charter achieved this milestone after acquiring Time Warner and Bright House Networks and now provides services under the branding of Spectrum.

Charter Communications provides its services in 48 US states to approximately 25 million people in 41 states with significant coverage in the rest of the 7 states. The company depends greatly on a coaxial cable-based network. However, the new optical fiber technology for internet delivery capable of delivering higher bandwidth rates than its coaxial cable network.

A Quick run-through

  • Spectrum is efficiently available in at most 46 states.
  • Offers TV and Internet bundles starting at as little as $89.98/mo.
  • Standalone internet services starting around $44.99/mo. 
  • TV channels starting at 125 going over 200 channels
  • No Contracts needed
  • Internet download speeds ranging from 60 to 940 Mbps on average and going up to gigabit speeds in some areas.


Spectrum’s service delivery reaches specific regions in 46 states currently the second-largest cable internet service in the United States. Spectrum’s leading service areas include California, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Alaska, New York, Washington, etc. ⠀

A quick run-through the TV Service

With Spectrum TV, you get the highest standards of entertainment you wish. You can choose to level up your package to watch more channels, including the ones in the premium tier, and tailor channel line-up as you wish with sports packs and other add-ons. Spectrum cable enables you to get the best television experience at an affordable price.   You may customize your channel line-up to your family’s viewing preferences, from kids-only shows to seasonal games runs. A few of the more enticing features include:

  • Three unique TV only options to opt from
  • List of Channels beginning from 125 to over 200+ as in spectrum gold package
  • Easy on pocket monthly billings going from $64.99 up to $104.99
  • DVR recording options with up to 2 shows simultaneously
  • Absolutely no contractual bounds

Internet Service

Charter Spectrum provides a single internet-only plan to make the choice easier for the customer seeking it. The plan comprisesof a connection with speeds beginning at 200Mbps, a free modem, and zero data caps, all of this at a justifiable price of $44.99 per mo. Doubling the speed to 400Mbps would cost an additional $20 per month, while $60 extra for speeds as much as 940Mbps.

The paramount feature of Spectrum is that almost all of its bundles eliminate data caps thus offering unlimited entertainment anda world of information to your fingertips. Subscribers of Spectrum also get to use Spectrum Mobile. 

Best No-Contract Plans

Be prepared to hear the word “No” a lot and still like it. Yes, No data caps and No contracts, something that makes Spectrum stand out from the rest. If you are all about high-speed downloads and dread the thought of re-enacting Indiana Jones and the Doom’s Temple when its time to quit your subscription. This is the time when you are stressed about paying the hefty contract buyout fee. No worries. Spectrum has got your back with their no-contracts policy. If you’re not happy with the services, you can always quit whenever you want.

More benefit over little cost

Spectrum’s internet, TV, and phone package rates fall closely with other providers, and, if not outstanding, it does provide a decent value for money. The initially offered rates, however, are reasonable for up to 12 months and usually grow after that; however, there are quite a few ways to swindle things after the promotional time is over.

A Word of Advice

Spectrum still has a little room for improvement as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. In terms of quality customer service, it isn’t ranked among the best providers in the US. However, it is improving its ACSI scores one-step at a time, and the progress during the last 5 years looks promising. Moreover, it has gone through many changes since its hefty merger, it is striving to offer the best cable service to those who put their trust in Spectrum’s service quality. How was your experience with Spectrum’s cable service? Let me know in the comments below!


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