Everything you need to know to travel to Dubai

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Traveling has become the second passion for almost every human being. The moment someone gets a slice of time from their mundane office job, they already reach a terminal. Now, everyone is busy in life. Traveling might be a heartfelt desire but the travel time to reach the destination is very difficult to manage. Also, there is an outgrowth of international travel which is only possible through airways. Talking about international travel, Dubai has been the hottest place to visit. It is a huge workspace as well as an astonishing tourist spot. But, international travel comes with several prerequisites.

Dubai and Chennai both are two hot spots for business and tourism. The only possible way to reach there is through flight. Many Government and private international jet services are available that connect these two locations. Airlines like Indigo and Emirates are always in a rush to bring in and out passengers from these places.

However, there has been a change and difference that have taken place after the 2020 COVID Pandemic. There had been a lot of travel bans, and flight schedules along with changes in the regulations. The pandemic has laid people stranded in different parts of the world. However, the Indian Government has played a very ‘human role’ in this case. There have been a few relaxations given by the Indian Gov. on the arrival of passengers from around the world. This article would give you a detailed idea about everything regarding this flight trip.

Latest Flight Schedules:

Several airline companies are flying from Chennai to Dubai regularly. (N.B- even though the timing is accurate, it is best to go through the site before booking)


En-route (Departure point to Arrival Point)Flight Status (Direct/Connecting)TimingPrice
Dubai- DelhiDirect: up to 2; Connecting MultipleDailyStarting from AED 359
Dubai-MumbaiDirect: up to 4; Connecting: MultipleDailyStarting from AED 294
Dubai-KolkataDirect: Nil; Connecting: MultipleDailyStarting from AED 442

About Cancellation: To get a refund, one has to cancel the tickets at least 4 hours before the scheduled flight.

Air India:

Air India has connecting flights from direct Dubai to metro Indian cities of Delhi, Chennai, and other places.

En-route (Departure to Arrival Point)Flight Status (Direct/Connecting)TimingFare
Dubai to DelhiDirect: up to 3; Connecting: MultipleEverydayAED 330
Dubai to ChennaiDirect: 1; Connecting: MultipleEverydayAED 330
Dubai to MumbaiDirect: up to 2; Connecting: MultipleEverydayAED 330  

 Cancellation and refund are non-chargeable. It is best to visit the official site before booking.


The best experience one can get during their Dubai to Chennai flight and vice-versa is through this private airline service.

En-route (Departure to Arrival Point)Flight Status (Direct/Connecting)TimingFare
Dubai-AhmedabadDirect: 1EverydayAED 610
Dubai- BengaluruDirect: 4-5EverydayAED 610
Dubai- ChennaiDirect: 3EverydayAED 610
Dubai- DelhiDirect: 4EverydayAED 610
Dubai- HyderabadDirect: 3EverydayAED 660
Dubai- KochiDirect: 1-2EverydayAED 760
Dubai- KolkataDirect: 1-2EverydayAED 660
Dubai-MumbaiDirect: 4-5EverydayAED 610
Dubai-ThiruvananthapuramDirect: 1EverydayAED 610

Please visit the official site of Emirates for further specifications.

Required Rules and Regulations for traveling from Dubai to India:

Well, from the Indian Government regulations, international tourists from Dubai can travel to India hassle-free. But, the UAE government still has some travel rules and restrictions on their outbound residents. The protocols mentioned below are mandatory to follow by every adult (above 18 years) UAE resident for out traveling from Dubai:

  1. Minimum one dose of approved vaccination done within one month from the travel date. Or
  2. Minimum double dose of an approved vaccination. Or
  3. In case the person has no vaccination or the time between the vaccination date and traveling is more than a month, the person has to go through an RT-PCR test. Also, the negative result would only allow the person to travel outside. Note: the test must be conducted between 48hrs of sample collection and traveling. Also, the health service provider must have authorized approval and a QR code.
  4. Three categories of people- i) medically exempted individuals from vaccination, ii) traveling for conditional medical purposes, and iii) humanitarian causes do not need to follow the guidelines against producing a letter of approval from a relevant health authority in UAE.

Required Documents to be produced during arrival in India:

  1. A duly filled self-declaration form on the Air-Suvidha Portal with detailed information of travel history for the last 2 weeks.
  2. Another self-declaration is that the form signed and the information provided are authentic to their sense.
  3. Another undertaking to the respective airlines is to abide by the decision of the government about post arrival need for undergoing quarantine.

Requirement for Testing:

Before Arrival- The traveler has to provide a valid vaccination certificate of completion of dosage. It has to contain a WHO or UAE authentication and a QR code.

Those without complete vaccination have to provide the following documents-

  1. A negative RT-PCR test report (within 72 hours of sample collection date and arrival date) containing a valid QR code.
  2. A self-declaration of the authenticity of the report. (this is mandatory for all travelers)

After Arrival- As per the rule of the Government of India, only 2% of passengers will go through the post-arrival RT-PCR tests if required. The crew will take the respected passengers to the testing area. In case of a positive outcome of the test, the passenger would have to abide by the protocols set by the authority.

Note: Children below 5 years will not have to undergo either pre-arrival or post-arrival tests (unless they are symptomatic).

Rule of Quarantine:

The travelers traveling on a Dubai to Chennai flight can leave the airport and self-monitor their health after arrival.

Traveling abroad has become possible because of these airline services only. The above article would provide all the information you need to know to travel from Dubai to Chennai.

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