Top Five Ideas of Giving Romantic Gifts

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Everyone try to enjoy the special day with their unique thoughts and surprises. I think the idea of flowers and chocolates are common and popular also. Definitely everyone loves chocolates and flowers but apart from these, there are some nice ideas that can give them tough competition.

So I’m suggesting some new unique and refreshing ideas which are given below:

Flower Tree:

Flower is one thing that can express your words, feeling for your loved ones. But if you give a bouquet, it’s really nice, but it has very limited lifespan. If you want that the gift will remain with your loved one for 24×7, you must think of something live and here the idea comes. Give Tree of Flowers like Rose (or the favorite flower of your love) to your Love. Growing of the tree make you feel that your love is also growing day by day.


With Creative Writings:

May be you are not a good writer, but does it affect anything to your loved one? I think NO. A very bad writer also can write a poem or something like love letters with his extreme emotion. If you love someone more than anything, you can definitely write thousand of words for your love. So write some love poems or some articles that can relate your love for him/her (with the most liking characteristics of your loved one or about his/her personality or why you love him/her etc.).

Read the mind of your Love one and Follow your Heart:

You definitely know about your Love personality, his/her liking and disliking. So arrange something surprising that really surprise your love. Sometimes little things attract more. So do some home-work about your partner and follow your heart. Like if your love is very reserve person, plan for something where you both are alone, in spite of doing party in a club or with all friends. If she/he likes food, then research about the specific cuisine that he/she likes and then arrange a candle light dinner for her/him and serve his/her favorite cuisine.

Special /Valuable gifts (not necessarily pricey):

Every people have some talent in their own. And everyone has some fascination about something. So this is the time when you can show that your fascination is not more important than your loved one. Like if your painting is very worthful to you, give your most favorite painting to your love or if you are very good painter, paint your partner’s picture and gift him/her. If you are a very good singer, then sing a romantic song only for your partner, from the soul of your heart. I think these are the most valuable gifts for your partner not the so called costly clothes, shoes, jewellery etc. Show that your partner is more important to you than anything in this universe.

You are Special  message

Make a feeling to your partner that you are there for whole life for him/her. Spend whole day with him/her. Give your helping hands to your love and help her in her cooking, daily life’s works and spend some quality times. Try to arrange everything with your own. In spite of going to restaurant, cook a dinner for two and decorate the room with heart-shaped candles.


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