Best 25 Torrent Websites for the New Year

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It is tough to find good torrent sites nowadays as most of the genuine torrent sites are either disappearing by moving to a new URL or getting blocked by the government. Even sometimes, these sites can get hacked. What are the most-visited and working torrent sites of 2020 that will also be there in 2021? As we know, torrent sites are the best and easy-going for downloading movies, tv-series, music, videos, games and books, and other things free of cost. Most of the unavailable materials are available on the torrent sites. Most countries in the world frown upon the illegal distribution of material on the internet, making them prohibited and unlawful to download. Though, most of the material found on torrent sites are safe and legal. 

So how does the torrent sites work?

That’s one of the most important questions to look up to as there are many other terms related to the torrent. Let us see what is torrenting? So, torrenting is a process of sharing a file. So, while downloading anything over the internet, it is essential to connect to the server with the website’s help that initiates the download, where there are sorted files. Once you click the ‘Download’ option, you ask the website to tell the server to download the requested file onto your designated device. In this way, the file which is getting downloaded, the server hosts it. 

Now, whenever you’re downloading ta file from any torrent site, there are very common two terms, i.e., Seeder and Leecher, which are relatively easy to understand. Seeder means that uploading the file and leecher, on the other hand, means one who is downloading the file. So apparently to download or seed files, one requires a torrent client. uTorrent is one of the most popular torrent clients, which makes it easy to download files. Another one is BitTorrent, which also a genuine and easy-going torrent client widely used torrenting application.  So, the access to the torrent files is given by the torrent sites which can be used with uTorrent and BitTorrent torrent clients. 

So, I’ll be suggesting top 24 trusted, genuine and easy-going torrent sites in 2021 for its users. 

Th Pirate Bay

This is the most simple and trusted site ever! This site has been termed as the king of torrents for downloading torrents off the internet; the Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites. Millions of torrents to download movies, tv shows, games, music, video, software, and much more are provided by the pirate bay. With thousands of links, users can quickly skim through the best-suited links for them. The Pirate Bay is notorious for evading multiple shutdowns and blocks from the government and is, therefore, the best torrent site available on the internet. The most torrent content available on the web is with the Pirate Bay. With simple user accessibility and numerous options such as tags that identify a safe download or not, it is easy to see why The Pirate Bay tops this list. Approximately, there are 24.3 Million every month in the Pirate Bay for downloading millions of torrents. 


This the best site as far as downloading 4K movies and the new release is concerned. This site has the most active community and a lot of seeding. There is a massive variety of new and old torrents. RARBG has been around for over a decade and has built a reputation for its high-quality torrents and ease of use, as well as constant new additions. Unfortunately, this popularity comes at a cost. This site has been banned in many countries, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the UK. But, to bypass these blocks, VPN can be used. The average download speed is 6.1 MB/s


According to the Alexa, traffic monitoring tool, this is the third most popular torrent site of 2020 and 2021. For each of the directories, the website features a simple user interface with an organized path. Just like The Pirate Bay, 1337X is a multipurpose source to download content and torrents of all types.


This site is best known for downloading animes, ebooks and music torrents. TorLock combines a massive list of torrents, especially if you’re looking for high-quality anime episodes or reading material. The average download speed of 4.4 MB/s.

This is an all in one site. enjoyed a massive shoot in traffic, as users visited the site for downloading thousands of torrents, despite the availability of thousands of different torrent websites on the internet. 


This site is best known for the music download. Torrentz2 is the new iteration of the popular Torrentz website. It has the minimalist interface and a comprehensive focus on music. It’s not uncommon to see decade-old torrents with 20+ seeders—average download speed of 2.0 MB/s. 

This site is best for downloading anime for free. Nyaa shut down in 2017, opening a pathway for All kind of anime is available on this site. This Anime torrent site features content only from East Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea. This is one of the most user friendly sites available. 


YTS is such an excellent choice for classics and hard-to-find movies. This site is perfect for users with limited bandwidth. This site focuses solely on movies. The average download speed is 3.2 MB/s. Overall, YTS is a favourite for movies, but since it doesn’t offer any other categories, you’ll have to pick another site from the list for games, music, or TV shows.


You must have heard of EZTV if you are regular in the torrenting world. EZTV is one of the rare torrent sites designed only for TV Shows. You will find just about every TV show torrent available for download on this site.


This site also has one of the most detailed and straightforward user interfaces for its users. This torrent serves as a multipurpose for its users as users can download movies, anime, ebooks, songs etc. The website gives the option to comment and rate the torrent files. There is even an advance search option as well. 


This site is best for movies and TV shows. Composed of over 3.5 million torrents, Zooqle features an impressive database. The website has gained popularity only recently due to its database of between 37000 movies and 600+ TV series.

Lime Torrents

This site has one of the largest torrent databases on the internet. LimeTorrents features a user-friendly interface with torrents that come from bigger and better trackers.


The most in-demand torrents today is carried out by iDope. Those who want quality content in smaller file sizes (such as 720p) are the reliable torrenting option. iDope also has an excellent download feature that is seamless compared to other torrent sites.


It holds a massive library of content that makes it a dependable torrent site on this list. It also offers a wide range of streaming services and live radio to complete one’s entertainment needs. GloTorrents provides numerous movies, TV shows, games, apps, books, anime shows, video, pictures, and more.


This is another best torrent alternative site for downloading any movie, ebooks, tv shows etc. this site also features anime, books, games, movies, TV series, music, applications, documentaries, sports shows, and much more. 


This is one such torrent that has an excess collection of movies, tv shows, games, music, software, and more available for download. This site has an excellent interface and some great categories to choose from and very few ads compared to other torrent sites. The total number of visits per month is around 750,000. 


It is almost impossible that you cannot find whatever you are searching for in this torrent site. It has many titles available in various categories such as movies, games, music, software, and ebooks. Though this torrent has a bit of ad annoyance, it is one of the most genuine torrent download sites ever. The visitors for this site is around 2.5 Million per month. 


The torrent site that guarantees very minimal tracking on its users who download videos, music, games, software, and ebooks is SkyTorrents. Even this site has a minimalist interface making the UI user friendly. The Ad annoyance of this site is too less, making it one of the best site. 


This site is the best for downloading movies. If you are in search of a good film, then look no further than PassThePopcorn. This site has the biggest library for movies. The total number of visits is 1.2 million a month. 


This site is famous for downloading TV series the most. The site has over 34,000 members making it one of the largest private torrent websites in the world currently. It is challenging to join the BroadCastTheNet, just like its counterparts. 


This is known for downloading music from this torrent site. With everything from classical to hip-hop and more, there is no shortage of audio content options in this website, making it quite famous among its users. Redacted is also very hard to access, as registration is only available by invitation.

Kickass torrents

 KATCR is the official site for kickass torrent and content download. This is also a multipurpose torrent from where user can download movies, tv shows, anime, ebooks, games and songs. This website also has a simple UI for its user, making it easy to handle. The latest torrents are updated into the database regularly. Many mirrors of the website also exist. 

ETTV Torrents

This is one of the few sites which has a huge database. Users can easily find the latest TV shows on ETTV Torrents and download them. This site is also easy to access, and the website easily skims through their huge database. The website features various shows in different languages as well. 


This is an all in one torrent from where a lot of things can be downloaded like songs, movies, tv shows, etc. IPT requires an invitation to become a member and is currently not accepting new registrants. However, some slots are available only on donations to the website. 


Just like pass the popcorn is for movies, bibliotick is for ebooks. This ebook site has more than 300,000 torrents that include popular ebooks and select titles. Even in this site, registration is hard to obtain. The total number of visits is 199,900 a month. 

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