Top 10 Best Alternate Manga Websites for KISSMANGA

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If you’ve entered into the world of Manga, two things are certain. One, you can give up on trying to find an exit door. Two, you must need sites to read manga online for free. It does not matter whether you’re into Shonen manga or Shojo manga. Maybe it’s Seinen manga that holds your attention. Or Josei manga that interests you the most. Or perhaps you’re looking for Kodomomuke manga for the younger ones, there is something for everyone. Now if only you could find the best manga websites to indulge in your creative hobby.

In case you are only getting started on finding your favourites in the phenomenal world of Japanese graphic novels, it can be quite a battle to find a series that suits you. It’s not only about picking up the series but about not being able to put it down. After all that struggle, as a Manga reader, the worst nightmare is the shutdown of your go-to manga website. With the permanent shutdown of two of the most beloved manga websites – KissManga and KissAnime – many manga enthusiasts were lost. Not to mention in a frantic search for a new go-to website.

There is an overwhelming number of best free manga sites to read manga online. But here are the all-time favourite top 10 sites from the list of the best:


If no-nonsense, hassle-free approach to accessing your favourite manga is the goal, ComicWalker is the go-to website for you. Singing up or not is up to you, regardless you would find their extensive collection of manga updated every week. The best part? It is browser viewer. Which means you can access it from anywhere. No specific apps are needed. For this alone, it has become one of the favourite official manga websites for avid readers. But there is more!

ComicWalker also allows its users to browse manga in both English and Japanese. For the various genres available on the web manga magazine, it is almost hard to believe it is completely free!

Did you know? Tired of the fan-made scanning, translations, and editing of their manga, Kadokawa, Japan’s biggest manga publisher decided to launch its official website ComicWalker for manga enthusiasts to read comics online for free.


If you’re looking to read manga online legally, you cannot skip MANGA Plus from the list. On Shueisha’s official manga reader every manga reader can find something new. The website is as gorgeous as the manga available to readers worldwide. And it’s not just English translations but Spanish too, available free of charge.

Unlike many websites that pirate content or waiting for scanlations to be available, MANGA Plus provides the new weekly updates on all their heroes without time lag across the globe. 

Its iOS and Android apps are available for on-the-go manga readers.

Did you know? SHUEISHA had produced several megahit manga titles, like Death Note, Naruto, ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Dragon Ball, to name a few.


From the list of best manga websites to read manga online, MangaKakalot stands out for the extensive list of manga titles it provides readers for free. These include both the old and new manga available in top-quality images.

Just a glance at the homepage of the website, readers can find a truckload of manga available to them. Regardless of the genre, action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, historical, medical, sci-fi, sports, tragedy, and more, MangaKakalot has it all. The idea behind the website was to provide manga readers an inexpensive way to read their favourites under one roof. No matter if it is popular, old, new, completed, or ongoing manga.

Did you know? MangaKakalot features 40 genres of manga available on their homepage. These include the latest manga to the old school ones. Readers can select whether they want a complete or ongoing manga in their favourite genre in one quick click.


When looking for websites to read manga, MangaFast is considered one of the best to read manga online because of the thousands of high-quality image manga available for free. It has an easy to browse website that shows the top-ranking manga to choose from right on the landing page.

Readers can also bookmark their favourites and keep a track of their reading list in the history section available. A whole list of genres is available to choose from. And if you like to mix up genres, the combined genre search can help find your new favourites in no time.

Did you know? MangaFast not only provides Manga but also Manhwa (Korean comics) and Manhua (Chinese comics) for reading in the same portal. All three are absolutely free.


With a collection of 52 genres of Manga available, MangaOwl is one of the best manga websites as an alternative out there. It features everything from new releases to the most popular. Readers are free to preview a manga and finding if it suits their taste before actually reading it. 

Every manga series and its episodes have individual user ratings. For the ones trying to find a new series to read, this can save plenty of time when trying to find a good read. The option to add manga to the collection list and exploring a fellow manga reader’s list is also available.

Did you know? MangaOwl features a continue reading tab for its users. The readers no longer have to worry about remembering where they last left their favourite series. A simple click is all it takes to resume reading from where they left off.


Want to search manga by genre? It’s available. Prefer searching by popularity? MangaPark has it covered too. You can even search manga by the latest releases on the free manga website. There is over 65 thousand manga to choose from on the website. The site is a dreamland for every manga reader. It’s easy to use and there is something for everyone.

Did you know? MangaPark is the largest source on Tachiyomi. With its over 65 thousand manga collections available on the website, it has twice as many manga titles available for the readers as KissManga. 

In case you are looking for more alternatives and willing to pay a little something to access your favourites, here are some other websites where you can read manga online legally:


The digital distribution platform for comics has over 75 thousand manga titles to choose from. It covers everything from publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, BOOM, Top Shelf, and Oni Press and brings it to the screens of your phones.

Whether you like to view their comics in the browser or from apps available on iOS and android, ComiXology is available on all platforms. It comes with both a pay-per-volume and subscription price structure. Fret not, ComiXology also offers over 700 free comics to its users.

Did you know? If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, ComiXology comes as an added deal, like Prime Videos and Amazon Music Unlimited. 


The WarnerMedia company provides access to the entire library of manga for a subscription of $7.99 per month. Manga readers can also peek into the world of the largest collection of licensed anime on Crunchyroll. These are available right after the Japanese broadcast.

It is accessible on browser viewer, as well as iOS and Android apps, PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

Did you know? Crunchyroll has over 3 million subscribers availing their services in over 200 countries. If ads are no hassle to you, Crunchyroll is free to use.


The digital publishing company focuses on the publication of Japanese light novels in English, while also catering to manga readers. With a goal to bring in more and more officially licensed and translated manga titles. The first part of all manga is free to read, after which users can pay per volume to continue reading their favourites.

Not only is J-Novel Club available not only for browser viewer, iOS and Android apps but also for Nook, Kobo, Bookwalker, Amazon, and iBook. They offer a Monthly Catch up series, the latest digital releases, and even have a Coming Soon tab their users can keep an eye on!

Did you know? If you have a favourite series, J-Novel Club provides its full eBook that is available for purchase from multiple distributors. They stream both Japanese light novels and Manga in weekly installments.


With over 4000 Manga titles, readers can explore their new favourites by genre or check out the staff favourites on the VIZ Media website. They even have a little blog tab where users can read incredible discussions of their favourite manga in case, they haven’t had enough of it.

VIZ Media also lets its users know about all the digital books that are available for sale on their website. The cherry on the cake, they have iOS and Android apps available for their users to read on the go. All for a price structure of $2.99 per month or pay per volume. 

Did you know?

 If you are into Shonen Manga, VIZ Media has Shonen Jump App dedicated to popular Shonen Jump titles. It is free (limited) for its users and also provides a subscription of $1.99 per month that unlocks 100 chapters every day! The first week is free.

There you have it! The best manga reader apps and sites to explore your favourite manga on. It does not matter if you are just entering into the wide world of manga or are already knee-deep into it, one of these sites is bound to help you find the next manga series you would be glued to for days. 

Author Bio: Disha Walia is a writer, editor for those who have trouble putting thoughts into words, and a lifelong storyteller. As a Psychology graduate with a Master’s degree in English, she loves exploring the unknown world of words with an interdisciplinary approach. She has a love for hobbies that focus on finer details, creativity, and intriguing depths. 


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