To be Born With an Ugly Face!

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Anne had a rare disease
Which made her looks weird
Her face hideous and  distorted
She was the ugliest woman he had come across in life
Circumstances in life made him take her home as his bride
His mother took an instant dislike towards Anne
All the neighbours and relatives who came to meet the blushing bride
Were aghast at the sight of this ugly looking bride
And found it difficult to give her a warm smile
Years passed
Four children they had
Anne led a life sans love
Suffocated and humiliated beyond her endurance
Yet wedded to her motherly duties
Running the household most competently
With her husband’s meagre yearnings
When her husband died quite unexpectedly
What with her four children and mother-in-law to look after
She grabbed upon the chance of the contest
To participate in the ugliest woman contest
And there she stood crowned the ugliest woman
While the spectators jeered and mocked
With her heart throbbing with the humiliation and most eerie comments
She accepted the award amount with a smile on her lips
And with gratitude in her heart
For her most crooked tryst with fate
Eyes glistening with unshed tears of frustration
None could fathom the ocean of agony with which her heart beat
Strange indeed this world which derides an ugly face
Whose heart for ever brims with good intentions
But applauds a beautiful face
Where the heart is darkened by arrogance and hatred
Where the milk of human kindness has dried and shrivelled.

(This poem is my own, though it was inspired by a story I read. Not a single word has been taken from the story.)

By: Mridula Menon

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