Poem: Acknowledgement

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I’am weak enough to be beautiful .

Yes , I accept it so don’t dare to influence me by stating ,

I’m strong enough to win over anything .

At all odds and difficult times I know ,

I feel so enervated myself and end giving up helplessly 

I don’t want to impose such imaginations admitting  

I can motivate myself and the depressed ones too 

Because I trust the flaws to realise 

I’m all broken from inside and scatteringly lost ,

Don’t trap me by your perspective and persuade to reckon that 

Not only at odds but I’m best even at the times of hard

I don’t have that zeal anymore to fight the toughest battles alone 

Because there is no hope residing in me to make me believe that

I can turn my pain to power and exhale again

Solitude can be the only strength 

I just can’t take that with my mind screaming out reminding 

You feel lonely at times left with no support beside 

So Stop consoling my heart with the vibes that whisper

Break those domestic walls of limitations 

When the things go out of reach I let myself 

So down the thought that I wouldn’t even think of

The quest within to push the resistance  ever

As the bliss that bide in me credos 

The stitches made me bleed or heal at times 

And It’s been a long way here doubting whether 

I’m strong enough to be beautiful . 

(Read bottom-up now )

By: Vishal Reddy

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