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Do you have a hobby something you really enjoy doing in your spare time ? Perhaps you May be good at   like   painting, , singing , dancing , acting , making jewellery , caring for animals , clicking photographs .. Like many other people you may not be interested or weak in studies or get bored Easily. And at the same time have a skill in which you are good at. A hobby which you love to do.. in your free  time and never get bored . And it very well interest you . Possibly what if you can spend time on a hobby and at the same time earn a living. Isn’t it a dream turning your hobby into full fledged career . We all want a life from where we don’t need a vacation from , the kind of work which we love to do. 

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a popular Radio Jockey ?

 Radio Jockey is tend to be the most exciting career in the world. We all love to listen radio shows while travelling to our work place or picnic , college. Presently , Radio Jockey as a career has come out to be  as a good hobby marking the increase in radio industry.. starting or beginning with  gossips from Bollywood to the all India cricket matches scores , to the trafic updates and yes ,latest news with the power pack of songs .

It  is one of those career in  which you get  to known  by your charismatic nature , voice , talking skills .. It’s a joyful and rousing  for the people who like to entertain the listeners by ,chit chat , playing songs , spreading news , important events details , add marketing , taking request for music to be played on next , prank to someone , sharing weather reports  sharing some stories  in a very creatively and  charming style. Which would be loved by the audience . 

Each of  them has  own unique way for interaction  with the audience. Charming personality  nice  communication skills with a soothing  voice, an RJ must be  amicable and dynamic. If anyone aspire to build their career in  this field., they should have  The skill to interact and connect with the audience, apart from this a good sense of humor, and the able to use  the latest technology are just a few points  that makes a  radio jockey. Be liked and be  presentable to the audience Along this you should  observe  how the radio jockey in the actually  , manage the calls, hosts the show taking experience ,by observing at how they interact with the listeners and caller  how they react to the each and every topic , comments .for this . You should start listening to the radio and must try to come up with different ideas talking about the qualification required ,

In India, there are many institutions which provide Diploma & Certificate Course in Radio Jockey as a subject .

. The qualification  required for  RJ course is 10+2

. Candidates who have qualified 12th from any recognized educational board and stream are eligible to apply for the RJ Course The job profile of a Radio Jockey varies that is for FM radio jockeys, Sports talk Radio Jockeys, Talk Radio Jockeys and Satellite Radio Jockeys. 


Radio Jockey as a profession demands a lot of hard work, dedication, and presence of mind. The ones with innovative concepts, unique approach to entertain and interact with the public and the ones interested in the profession are preferred in the radio industry. Radio Jockey as a profession is lucrative, entertaining, and worthwhile.

All India Radio, Radio City, Radio Wani, Radio Misty, Radio Star, Red FM, Radio High, Times FM, Radio Mid-day are to name a few prominent industries to begin your career

Now , coming to the part of the salaries, you must know certain things. The salary career that the RJs are getting in India is not that high. The average salary is around 25k to 40 k. They are also paid according to the number of shows which is around 5k per show. If you are a famous RJ than things are different. You can get whatever you want. The top-notch RJs are making around 3–5lakhs per month easily. Sometimes they even get 25K per show!

Skills required for RADIO JOCKEY

  • Be Creative
  • Focused Approach
  • A Good Sense of Humor
  • A Fluent Speaker
  • Command Over The Languages
  • Be Flexible and Adoptable
  • Be Original
  • Learn to state facts.
  • – Practice voice modulation.
  • – Improve your diction and clarity.
  • – Learn correct pronunciations.
  • – Have a good command on the language you use.
  • – Be spontaneous.
  • – Add humor to your conversations.
  • – Record and listen to your voice for enhancement.
  • – Be creative
  • – Have an intense knowledge of music.
  • – Stay Humble.

In brief :- 

4 steps to become a radio Jockey  

  1. Complete an Undergraduate Program. Students who are interested in becoming DJ can enroll in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree program in communications or broadcast journalism. …
  2. Do an Internship. …
  3. Learn skills from expert.
  4. Hone Your Skills at a Small-Market Station.

Lastly, There is no specific academic path to become an RJ but graduation is mandatory. However you can opt for a diploma or a post graduation degree in mass communication. Also, several courses are available which can help you pick up the skills and get better understanding of the profession and its technicalities. Qualifications may be useful but skills and passion count for more in this profession.

By Nikita Makkar


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