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                                 “ Technology is the shine,

                                    Which helps us to refine.

                                    Technology is the light,

                                    Which makes us bright.”

    Technology have shaped our lives and is continuing to do so. Right from the invention of telephone to the innovation of iPhone; technology have converted every impossible task into a possible one! The miracles of technologies are endless and are taking us beyond our imagination.

    Despite the galore technological advancements, I consider E-LEARNING as one of the greatest technological advancements of last decade.

    Traditional learning had its roots digged deeper into our educational system. The face to face teaching was the only way until a change came in. Change, as they say, is the rule of nature. So, here the change was a technological advancement i.e. E-learning. E-learning have revolutionized the entire learning system.

    Today, the classrooms are replaced by screens which are giving students a personalized mentoring. Using the widespread electronic devices, the learning has become possible anywhere, anytime and many times. Well, the benefits of E-learning are breathtaking. Firstly, students do not have to travel to their classrooms, for E-learning is possible anywhere in the presence of internet. And the statistics of over 460 million internet users are quite supportive for students to gear up for adapting the magnificent E-learning.

     E-learning has an alias – SMART LEARNING, for E-learning is possibly; actually it is surely using all smart ways to inculcate in students the excitement to learn. Becoming digital is the need of time and so students are at an edge as E-learning is taking them closer to digitisation. Also, the traditional teachers cannot give students the same lectures again and again; but with the marvellous power of technology, E-learning is keeping records of every second and thus we can rewind and re-watch the lectures for clarity of concepts. According to research, visuals and images makes students more imbued to learn and this makes them more active in the learning process.

     E-learning has started becoming interactive. Herein, students can not only attend the recorded video sessions but also can interact with their teachers using a video call. Also, they can get their doubts clear through 24×7 service rather than waiting for the next session to commence as in the case of traditional learning. Tests are pivotal part of studies. Henceforth, these e-classes are providing students with test series so as they can be confident pertaining to their studies.

     Nowadays, students aren’t compelled to haphazardly search for the books in library, they can simply type in the name in the e-book stores and can get their desired books in fraction of seconds. Also, there are many free PDFs and books available which can be downloaded and read anytime at students pace. One can change the size of text while reading through e-books but this is not the case with books. Also, carrying heavy books is disheartening for students’ shoulder but carrying a tab or a phone weighing simply in grams is easy.

    E-learning is giving students the freedom to learn from anyone in this world. A teacher living miles away can teach students with this commendable power of technology. Nowadays, even schools and colleges are following this approach for it’s proving to be beneficial for all. Thus, E-learning is providing students the golden opportunity to attend lectures of some of the best teachers of their fields.

     Today, YouTube have lots of educational videos and channels which are giving in-depth knowledge for free. My personal experience of having used YouTube and many E-learning websites have been quite fruitful. Also, I was able to compete with the students I have never met just because of these educational apps.

     Today, artificial intelligence is venturing into E-learning thus making E-learning the greatest tool to learn. Apps based on Artificial intelligence(AI) can solve the maths questions in seconds and all we have to do is to click the picture of the question. Also, E-learning is providing a community wherein students can interact with other students of their age and thus can globally connect and share their ideas.

     Actually, E-learning is saving a lot of time of students which if taken into proper consideration can be used for the welfare of students. There are many notions wherein people oppose this technological advancement. But it’s the students’ will which can make them capable of learning everything. If a student is ready to try, to rise, to learn, to break the barriers, to believe  then anything is achievable and no power in this world can distract student from achieving his/her goal. The student has to have the commitment and discipline to believe in his/her capabilities which can break mountains and turn their today’s dreams into the reality of tomorrow.

    Thus, with the indomitable spirit and the power of E-learning, students can make miracles and can shine as bright as the sun. Truly, E-learning is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


Author BioPoorva Mahesh Shukla, 16 years girl from Kalyan. A participant of Monthly International Essay Competition ,Month of September


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