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Our lives are filled with technologies from waking up by an alarm clock in the morning to going in bed after checking the phone. Every day is a new opportunity which demands to be grabbed as soon as possible. As the day changes our world is also changing with new developments every day. As the time is changing, the world is being new innovations are happening which are making the world a happier place with more comforts.

Today’s generation cannot imagine a world without Wi-Fi. People have become so habitual of Wi-Fi that the first question which people ask when they enter a place is the Wi-Fi password. The world of Nokia is now a world of smartphones with Bluetooth, cellular data and maximum storage. As the need for smartphones have increased, people have stopped calling each other and have started messaging instead. The feature of Face Time has brought the world closer as the people can watch each other’s expression while talking from distant places. The advent of sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Snap chat has completely changed how we communicate with each other online. The time is now when the digital watches have been replaced by the Apple watches from which we can make calls, send messages, check our heartbeat, count the number of steps, calories burned, etc. It is the era of watches like fit bit which help us to maintain a healthy body through maintaining a record of exercise done daily. The need of the hour, a health body, can be fulfilled through these smart devices which motivate us to move and prevent us from becoming couch potatoes.

These days the books are being replaced with a small tablet called Kindle where we can find meaning of the difficult words also, set the brightness according to the need. A person can come to know what is happening around the world through the unlimited news apps. Efforts are being made to convert India into a cashless society where cash transactions are being conducted through applications such as PayPal, Paytm and net banking services of renowned banks. We cannot imagine our country without Jio services which have overpowered all other service providers. The traffic on roads has increased rapidly with the increase in number of cabs from Ola, Uber and other local companies. These cabs provide the best services including security, navigation, honest services, etc. Thus they are being relied on by parents for their young children; especially girls.

The concept of self-driving cars is also emerging. The disabled are becoming specially abled as devices are being invented to help them lead a normal life. Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated experience which gives the user the ability to view three-dimensional images by connecting smartphones. Robots that can hop, walk across uneven terrain or even run have started to exist. In the polluted environment, air purifiers are helping us remain healthy. Also the devices such as air fryer, vegetable cleaner are helping us remain fit. As the television screens are getting slimmer the display is getting better also the online streaming has become a part of everyone’s lifestyle. The applications of YouTube, amazon prime, Netflix, have made the people sit in front of the screen for countless hours and watch anything from anywhere in the most suitable way. A person, student can easily learn new things from videos as visual learning is always easier. Schools have also started using smartclass to make the class more interactive and informative. The cost of space travel can be now reduced as the multi-use rockets were invented in 2015 which can be reused. Hover boards, lead the wish list of young generation who love to stand on the board and roam around. The concept of online shopping has become popular, the upcoming drone delivery services of sites like Amazon has left the world in wonder. A person can buy, sell products from any place only through few clicks, can choose a suitable payment mode and get assured delivery.

Technology, like a coin has two sides .Therefore, it has curbed our creativity. Thinking about the technological advancements, a sorrowful question comes to my mind-“Has the modern man snapped his ties with nature?” In today’s world the people no longer find solace in the lap of nature. They are all day busy with their work and even in their free time they prefer using their phones over taking a walk in the fresh breeze or talking to their loved ones. As a result the number of virtual friends of a person has increased while the bond with relatives has become weak. The application such as Blue whale had lead many teenagers to end their lives in the worst possible ways. One has become accustomed to having the best of amenities at the click of a button. Technology is a blessing only if human use it rightly but the wrong or objectionable use of technology could prove it to be the worst nightmare. Therefore, it is upon the man to use technology to the best of its ability.


Author Bio : Arshia Sood , 16 years old student from Ludhiana(PUNJAB). A participant of International Essay Competition , Month of September.


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