Let Be The Master Of Technology And Not Let It Rule 


Technology is one of the most important aspect of advancement in human life . Man is a social being. If a person is left alone and deserted in an area, we’ve heard stories of how men changes their behaviour and become something else. We can adapt to changes, the more we have the more we spend. Some of the impacts are discussed below. 

The greatest technological advancement of last decade for me would be the coming of android software. With Google developing them in the early 2008 the first versions being named “Cupcake, donut, eclair and froyo, honeycomb, kit kat” naming after desserts with the latest one named “Pie.” It has created an access for common man to be connected with the world with it’s countless features, giving all the necessities to be linked with the world.  

Every man has a desire to see the world in one way or the other. The coming of android has enabled men to travel across virtually or physically for that matter. They have also enabled the best of apps to the smart phones where one can get everything in a single click. They serve as the foundation mother of almost all phones. For a normal person like me, I find it very helpful because I’m still living on parent’s money and couldn’t afford much of other operating systems like iOS, I prefer android. Yes, it doesn’t allow us to sometimes access great apps, with countless advertisements, app crashing and battery degradation due to it’s heavy operation system but well I’m here now typing in my android phone, happy amd satisfied. 

With programming languages coming into being, artificial intelligence taking over the word. We are all aware of the effect and how the world will be. Gone were the days when parents rushed to the latest toy store to purchase that GI Joe or that car where it allows the kid to move around. It has indeed become a world of dumb people (no offend intended).  Handing a smartphone to a year old kid is enough to keep them occupied the whole day. Parents needn’t worry about what time the kid would return because they are glued to the technology the whole day. We see countless memes and slogans where “My parents when I was a kid would ask me to go when guests arrive and now I desire to be in the room but they keep insisting me to come down and meet people. ” That was just a small example. We have friends, siblings around who would spend countless nights earning that gold coin, or building that base until the enemy cones for attack, bursting those bubbles on the screen,  moving their bodies earning lives due to sensor effect. We do indeed look like some insane creature with that but the mind is somewhere else. So that leaves us with the question, where are we spending most of our time? 

To classify the usage of time .We look up online and make routines we never follow  though we intend to think about them every time.That little buzzing keep us all aware that someone on the other side is thinking about us and gave a buzz or it could be that jobless person who keeps forwarding chats in Whatsapp groups speeding awareness most of the time some outdated or haux message. I needn’t talk about the effects of social media since we all know about it and I’m here to share about technology which I’ve chosed android software. 

We have all indeed become slaves to technology. When we could write a simple journal or to do list we choose to write front that app which has good background and satisfies us with it’s aesthetic beauty. 

Subconscious mind has taken over human minds. We are all so engaged with our lives on the other side that sometimes we forget what is right in front of us. Busy typing that little message and not giving equal attention to the person in front of us. Android software’s have allowed us to use those beautiful features but where are we? 

Let us all take this time to measure ourselves. Modern world has made everything easy yet it has drowned down the relation between that father and son or the mother who wishes to have that little shopping with her daughter replaced by shopping apps. Living has become the easiest way and the more we get the more we want. As I’ve mentioned earlier we are overtaken by the artificial intelligence but it will never overcome as we are the ones who are controlling those elements. Don’t we have the power to learn programming languages and learn how to operate them?  

Let us a be the master of our technology and not let it rule over us. 

Author Bio : Vimhano Casavi, A student of Civil engineering,  Nehru Institute of technology, Coimbatore.A participant of International Essay Competition ,Month of September.



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