Tips to write essays fast?

By: Jagannath Pradhan

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Essay writing is daunting as well as exhilarating at the same time. How? Through the surge of ideas, our mind pens down the thoughts in rough. Further, a lot of research is required in writing? If you aren`t well aware of the topic you are writing about, how will the readers understand the same? Readers see our articles for about 15 seconds and this make a picture and impression of the writer. If the writer has the power of writing something fascinating, then automatically it compels the readers to turn the page.

At some point in time, we all have gone completely blank about a topic, and sometimes, the ideas keep on coming automatically. What creates the winners and an average writing piece is the style of writing. Writing requires reading and research in-depth. It not only stimulates our thoughts but also channelizes and provides structure to our thoughts.

Writing practice comes by writing about 15 minutes every day. When we write everyday during our free time, it automatically helps us in writing about unknown topics. We need to know the structures that help us in writing.

Essay writing is a bliss that cannot be put in words. Despite it seems tiresome to some, it opens a new world of knowledge to us. Significantly, essay writing comes in our way in various competitive exams like UPSC, school exams, government exams, and competitions of writing at both online and offline.

Some people have numerous problems while writing and some write magnanimously both well-structured and well-edited. How to help improve your writing skills? How to make maximum people like our writing? How to write great essays?… These questions might be hovering in your mind. Here are the solutions.

To begin with, structures of sentences define your knowledge in writing long pieces. The more you edit, the better will be chances of your writing being valued. People look for mistakes in writing to figure our personality. Hence, your writing plays a crucial role in determining your personality.

Structures to increase fluency include:

  • Subj. + Verb + Obj. – This is a familiar structure we use in our everyday life. After using the first sentence with a noun, we replace it with the help of pronouns like he, she, it.
  • Subordinating Conjunction…, supporting sentence.

Eg. Because he took my car`s keys, I was late for the office yesterday.

Eg. Although it rained yesterday, I went to the office.

  • Coordinating conjunction:  This structures is barely known. Hardly a person uses coordinating conjunction. It creates a dramatic situation.

Eg. But the fat disciple was taken at the stake on the king`s order to fit a man who would fit the stake. (Kingdom of Fools)

  • Linkers: Using Not only.. but also… in a sentence.

Eg. Not only he is a good athlete but also a brilliant student.

  • Prepositions at the start of a sentence:

Eg. Besides the shore, there lies a shipwreck.

Eg. On the bed, a cat is sleeping.

  • Using the structures barely, hardly

Eg. Hardly had he finished his food when I returned.

  • On one hand…. On the other hand…

Eg. On one hand we have Americans and on the other hand, we have Japanese. Both are well developed in their respective fields.

Eg. Barely had he completed his homework when I entered his room.

Eg. Scarcely had he saved any money after getting his salary.

  • Starting a sentence with an adverb

Eg. Enthusiastically, he completed his project work.

Eg. Appallingly, he saw a gang of robbers.

  •  ‘’…”   with an adjective

Eg. Undaunted, the lieutenant decided to attack his foe.

Moving on to the structures of sentences:

Structures of Sentences

They are 4 types:

  • Simple sentences

Eg. I came back home

  • Compound sentences

Compound subject by Coordinating conjunctions

Eg. I came back home, and I ate my lunch.

Compound predicate

Eg. I came from the tuition and couched the bed.

  • Complex sentences

Eg. I came back because I left my purse on the table.

Eg. After I came home, I washed my car.

  • Compound-complex sentences

Complex sentence + Compound sentence

Eg. While the rain fell, the baby slept and the mother watched. (Here, a comma is not required before and)

Compound sentence + Complex sentence

Eg. The baby slept, and the mother watched while the rain fell.

  • When the same subject performs multiple actions:

Eg.  Micky Mouse fed his dog, packed his back, locked the door, and went outside in his car.

How to increase writing speed?

People actually race with others in order to show who can write fast. In such an attempt, they worsen their writing skills and are unable to write coherently and with cohesion.

In fact, writing slow is writing fast. It can be illustrated as follows:

  • During the starting of any long piece of writing, it is essential to brainstorm ideas.
  • Magnificent writing includes facts, numbers, and research. In addition, it is well-structured with an excellent literary quotient.
  • Editing and proofreading are an essential part of an excellent and winning writing essay. People often ignore these things and get their essays to miss the winning prize by a few margins.
  • An average essay of 760 words takes around 3 hours if just written from the mind. It takes however around 4- 4.5 hours if written with complete research and editing.
  • Write as per the interest of the readers. Just like we cannot sell expensive products to lower middle class, the same way we cannot write about marketing for children.
  • Everyone has a different taste in writing. We need to research a topic well before writing. It is a daunting task and at the same time is exciting.
  • What we need to understand is the fact that everyone writes, but not everyone wins. Why? The best writing comes from experience, coherence, editing, and research.
  • Winning entries are not the entries of fast writers. Even a professional takes longer time because writing is simply not about just writing. It is more about reading, organizing, rearranging the ideas and thoughts, and lastly proofreading and checking punctuation and grammar mistakes.

Do you want to lose just because of your intolerance towards checking and procrastinating without writing the ideas in rough? Evidently, we get stuck on a point sometimes and are unable to figure out what to do next.

Writing point wise is also an essential part of writing. It depicts our knowledge in a presentable way. The inclusion of quotes, facts, numbers, and images also supports our essay. Editing is also an essential end to writing.

What statistics say to provide evidence?

Approximately 44 words per minute are written by males, while females average 37 words per minute. Handwriting is estimated to reach slightly more than 30 words per minute, which shows that even average typing is faster than handwriting. Mistakes are inevitable. The average typist makes about eight errors per 100 words, which prevents their selection and reduces their marks. Writing great and elegant is more essential than writing fast. The introduction of a quote and its relation with the topic also provides an edge over others.

Essay writing speed differs from one Individual to other with respect to research, font size, knowledge, proofreading, punctuation and grammar checks, etc. It all lies in the hands of the reader whether and why to prefer your essay over others. Some debate that their essay is great, and here is one of them. No one can be proved superior at writing. Everyone makes mistakes, but the one who learns from it and does not commit it twice is the one who achieves great heights. Overall, it depends on us how fast we enumerate our thoughts, research and organize it coherently. Both research and editing are the ends of the same thread fulfilling the same purpose. The decision ultimately lies in the hands of the writer how much time they can spend vs how organized they can write. What`s your thought?

By: Jagannath Pradhan

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