The Qualities in Your Successful Relationship

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The foundation for success of any relationship is understanding and faith between the couple. Beside these many other qualities are required to makes the relationship successful. The qualities which are most important are:

Understanding and Faith: If relationship stands on understanding then faith is the main pillar. If you don’t understand and have faith on your spouse, then relationship doesn’t carry any meaning itself. Try to develop understanding and faith to cement the relationship. Always assure your partner with your words and behaviour that he/she can have faith in you. Openness is the most important for that. Do everything openly. Do not play any games. Slowly both of you will be developing faith in each other.

* Patience: Relationship takes time. It needs patience.There are many times when your spouse will not respond in a way which is pleasing to you, but this does not mean that you have to take it seriously or personally. Always slow down, take a deep breath and think of reasons why your partner may be acting a certain way. Assuming and jumping to conclusions directly is always an unhealthy step. Give your partner some time and let him/her know that you will be there when he/she is ready to talk. No matter what the situation may be, patience is panacea in a relationship.

Compromise: The feeling of compromise for your spouse is the most beautiful trait for sustaining long and successful relationship. Everyone is independent in their own beliefs and ideas about things, so never expect a person to always see things in your way. It is practically very difficult for a couple to compromise his/her liking and disliking but once you control your desires, it gives you immense mental satisfaction. There can be numerous examples found especially in Indian society. Indian women are perfect example, who can compromise anything for their better half. So in a successful married life, compromise is mandatory.

*No Egotism and No anger: An inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others is dangerous for maintaining a relationship. The biggest problem for most of the people is that, they cannot differentiate between self respect and ego. Try to control ego and anger, because both are equally responsible for a break up mostly.

Love more, care more, in turn you will definitely get reward. Without LOVE, relationship is impossible and incomplete. Love your partner as much as possible so that no other issues come across in your relationship.

Friendship: Friend is the one to whom one can share their thoughts, ideas, happiness/sadness and almost everything. So if partners are best friends of each other, then relationship goes on smoothly. Sometimes the age difference between partners creates many problems. If they try to become a good friend of their spouse, the generation gap automatically will vanish. Because friendship is the one type of personal relationship that doesn’t bound to age groups.

* Honesty: Honesty is the vital recipe for a healthy married life or relationship. No one is perfect in this world. Everyone do mistakes. Honesty helps one to realize that the mistake they committed is a mistake. Once they have realized this, they can then figure out a way to confess their wrong doings. And then it is quite easy to maintain their relationship because they can at least rely on their loving partner to tell them the truth, no matter what.

Spending quality time: Always try to spend some quality times with your partner like watching movies, go for candle light dinner, and go for a tour etc. Couple should atleast use their weekend effectively. Men can help their spouse in their household matters like cooking, cleaning etc and women can help their spouse in official work (atleast morally). It also helps to understand each other.

Developing some important qualities: Listening to other, humour, politeness are the some of qualities in human being that helps a lot for long lasting relationship. One should heeds their partner’s thoughts/views and then discuss about any issues. One can handle a very difficult and harsh situation politely. If you are remain polite, there is a chance that your partner agrees with your thought, though she/he has some different opinion. Humour is the sweetest things in relationship. You can avoid a tough time easily with jokes and sense of humour.

worship and thank God: Believe in God gives one the inner power to handle any circumstances.

With a relationship having above mentioned traits, your love is bound to grow to achieve pinnacle. Always remember that our partner is our everything as we are to them. Together, we can keep our relationship happy and healthy.



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