The Majestic Forest Research Institute, Dehradun


The Majestic building of the Forest Research Institute (FRI) has been illuminating the beautiful city of Dehradun since 1929. Commonly known as FRI, this national heritage site is synonymous with a rich history of forestry research and education. It is also a popular tourist destination and a friendly reclaim for all the nature lovers and morning joggers.


FRI was initially founded as Systematic Forest Management was established by Sir. Dietrich Brandis, a renowned German-British botanist in 1864. Then, the Forest school was established in 1878 at Rangers Ground, in Dehradun.

Afterward, The institute was renamed in 1906 as the Imperial Forest Research Institute (FRI) and the tall and proud building which stands beautifully against the horizon today was inaugurated in 1929 by the Viceroy Freeman Freeman Thomas. When a person enters the gates of the FRI campus, one is immediately transported into the British Era with the Greco-Roman architecture adorning every nook of the 450 hectares campus.

The plinth area of the building is approximately 2.5 hectares and almost 1000 ft long. The main building has different courtyards which are surrounded by wide corridors on all its sides.

The Institute was brought under the umbrella of the Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE) in 1988.


FRI is located in the heart of the Dehradun city. It is surrounded by the Main Chakrata Road on the Southside ( Main Entrance), Kaulagarh is on the Northside, towards the West is the Indian Military Academy and Tons river and towards the east is the Dehradun city.

One can easily reach Forest Research Institute (FRI) from the ISBT by taking an auto or by public transport. It is even nearer to the Dehradun Railway Station and around 7 km from the Clock tower.

Objective: Pioneer in Research

This purely brick formed structure is home to a large number of offices, laboratories, houses, libraries, museums, arboreta, gymnasium, sports complexes, printing press, botanical gardens, and a large area of forest.

FRI is the pioneer in research in the following six disciplines namely:

1. Forest Geology

2. Silviculture

3. Botany

4. Economics

5. Chemistry

6. Working Plans

FRI is also an epicenter for production and certification of supply quality of all types of timber species, agroforestry, reclamation of wastelands and mined areas, restoration of ecologically disturbed areas, and study of different types of sodic and skeletal soils.


The most vital and interesting part of the institute is the deemed university of Forest Research Institute which runs post-graduation and Ph.D. courses.Forest Research Institute was declared the FRI deemed university by UGC ( University Grants Commission) in 1991.

The main courses offered for post-graduation are:

1. M.Sc. in Environment Management

2. M.Sc. in Cellulose & Paper technology

3. M.Sc. in Forestry Management

4. M.Sc. in Wood Science and Technology

Also, a doctoral program is available for all the students interested to peruse a Ph.D. course from the FRI University.

Admission Procedure

An advertisement is made in January/ February by the institute in the newspapers for the M.Sc. courses offered by the University.

The application for the admission can be obtained from Registrar, Forest Research Institute University wither in person, or by post with a payment/ Bank draft of Rs.1200/-.

The filled application form in the applicant’s handwriting has to be sent to the Registrar, FRI University before the last date along with all the required set of documents.

Documents Required

The following documents have to be sent along with the application:

1. Proof of Date of birth of the candidate

2. Matriculation/ Secondary school certificate examination

3. Higher secondary and pre-university examination certificate

4. Bachelor’s degree certificate and mark sheet

5. Master’s degree mark sheet and certificate ( for Ph.D. courses)

Only attested copies of all the documents have to be submitted by the applicants.

Written Test

After submission of the applicant, selected candidates are called for the written test for the M.Sc. courses and Post Master Diploma courses

Results and Admission

The selected candidates are called for the final selection in the order of merit of the total marks secured by them in the written examination. One can visit the official website for all the relevant information.

Tourist Destination

FRI is a major tourist destination for all nature lovers, history lovers, and all the botanists and students. The lush green grounds of the institute are a reprieve from the scorching heat and the majestic building is an ideal place to walk and enjoy.


One can enjoy the legendary history in all the 6 different museums dedicated to the rich Indian forestry and natural diversity on Indian Flora and fauna. The names of the different museums are Timbre, entomology, non-wood, silviculture, social forestry, and pathology.

The star attraction of the museum is the intricate hand-drawn painting of Afshan Zaidi of the different birds, animals, trees, and plants of India. Further, the huge 700-year-old specimen of the deodar tree is one of its kind.

Museum Timing

Entry Timings: 9.30 AM to 5.00 PM daily

Entry Fees: Rs.40 per head with additional fees for parking.

Closed Day: Monday

Tour Guides

Tours are operated by the Institute itself every day except Mondays in two different slots. The first slot starts from 9.30 am to 1.00 PM and the second one is from 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM.The price of the tour is only Rs.50 per person. One can easily pay a visit to all the 6 museums in these tours and also take a tour of the campus.

Nature Walk

Set against the Himalayan range, one feels the intricate beauty of the design of the building and the lush green trees and fauna surrounding oneself in this institution.

The botanical garden and the herbarium is the major attraction for the nature lover with its wide variety of trees and herbs adorning the area. The place is ideal for a picnic watching the colonial building against the Himalayas and the well-kept lush green gardens.


Forest Research Institute is one of the oldest institutions dedicated to the research of forestry and training of students in the field of silviculture, forestry, pathology, botany, etc. One should visit this majestic institution, either to study at the university or simply to enjoy its beauty and glorious history.

By-Apoorva Goyal


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