The Frightened Love

Photo : Hymn of the Heart
Though I loved the cold breeze
Still this time I wanted to go far from it .
I knew even he loved me
Everytime when it blew it use to hug me , kiss me and cuddle me
At times it even became such that I got angry and didnt show my face
But , he never backed from making my mood a lit one
Every time it use to hug me from the back cause I loved that act of his
But this time I wanted to be far cause he ws becoming more furious more concerned.
That evening as I moved out of my tution,
people there said “dont go” still I went
I didnt know even my love – ‘the breeze’ would leave my side .
That evening even he was on the opposite side
He was against me
He didnt want me to reach home just because as I enter my house I lock myself in the room and he doesn’t get time with me.
He became insecured for me
His insecurity could be seen that evening
He hurled round me
Still I moved ahead
It was the first time I was fearing him
An uncertain fear rose in me
The fear which was over casting my love .
Now , that breeze turned into a hilarious wind.
It opposed all my movement
I tried to free myself then he held my hand from behind and pulled me towards him
He started to kiss me from behind
This time it wasnt aloving one , it was filled with anger an anger of security .
Since he locked my hands I couldn’t do anything
I was feeling helpless.
Stuffs were going inside my eyes
My eyes were shutting down
I couldn’t even see what was going with me only I could feel something unusual something really harsh was going ,
Something which was making me fear him .
It was that moment when my love was fading into fear .
This time I was insecure about myself .
That evening proved me the love I had offered him has now turned into ‘ The Frightened Love ‘ .

Nadiya Murshed


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