A Diary of a Girl who is Abused : A Poem

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    *I didn’t know..*

I didn’t know where was I !
Just when I saw something unnatural,
Something disastrous
Something which I didn’t wanted to believe
But I believed as people around me forced.

I was in a different state of mind
Where situation weren’t in control
And sublimity had no space

The transformation took place,
With mind
And not with the heart.
I didn’t know where was I !

Surrounded by four walls
Walls of anxiety, grief,
Dilemma and self doubts.
A scary room indeed

I thought I had a room of my own,
But people were having a room of their own in my room of
ones own.

I felt the vibe of narcissism around me,
Lack of beautiful interpretations of the creations
The agony of misinterpretations !


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*The interpretation of the poem*

The above poem is about how the women or the girl in our
country around us are abused in certain ways. The ways
which we cannot even imagine. She is the one who is
suffocating and is not complacent about various things.
What happens is that she is restrained in her own space and
a plausible explanation is given to her about her sufferings.
I think we the people of the house, people of the society
and eventually people around the country should feel responsible about this behaviour towards a female of the
society. We are capable enough to raise our voice against
the inhuman people around us but we choose to remain quiet.
Rather can I say that we are also playing a role in it by not
speaking against it ? is it that we can do something but we
are doing nothing about it ?
A radiant, fierce and a brave girl who is unable to speak for
herself now. She is fearful and surrounded by the atrocious
behaviour of the one who raped or abused her. The
toxicities of different emotions was something which
captivated her. She was not with the state of her mind.
Eventually the result is that the women or the girls of our
society feels horrible and negativity surrounds her. She
feels that she isn’t a part or a person she should be.
The end case is that we have seen women dying and
committing suicides due to this atrocious behaviour towards
them. She is not able to conceal herself from the hypocritic
world which supresses her in multiple ways..


Writer Bio : Bansi Chhatralia


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