Rambunctious Scrum – An Injustice (A Poem)

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On Sabbatum Cubs were at home.
Looking for the day release gone.

Newly born slept in fleece.
Dreaming to France and Greece.

Cure-all and curates were confined.
Designed a conspiracy from behind.

Small cries with big resonance.
Who wants to have such a glance.

Moon curser cued Darby and Joan.
It was just the start of a moan.

Vapid moose ran before vaticination.
All programs ended with cancellation.

Vagabonds Vamoose.
Nothing was left to loose.

Once removed, twice, thrice all were kicked.
Don’t worry there is no rest for the wicked.

Faces were Venetian, Chinese red, afraid of reaper.
Smirking with fear, delectation defied by the devour.

Quantum jump by Judas busy in flannel.
To curb them need an unflinching panel.

People were between devil and blue sea deep.
Tried to dethaw as the beauty is skin deep.

Who gave the free rein for the act of vile.
Chubby lost Chum with chuffed chuckle smile.

Food and feed resulted regurgitation.
No body had such an imagination.

They were reaving, painted the town red.
Reign became flea pit, made all restive and sad.

Chose to go for jugular not in de-jure.
Safety in numbers was not sure.

Better the devil we know, everybody said reproachfully.
Reek need to be turned to redolence successfully.

No matter of spiritual rebirth, religiose also astound.
Whom to reprimand, it was retch to see all around.

Some tried for reconciliation, some prayed for redemption.
Some reviled recalcitrant, all paid their attention.

Who will redeem for the damage.
Too sad, what was done by the Savage.

Grouchy long faces with tears.
Reminisce us all past years.

Relish for some with no shame.
Retrievable, refurbishment chances are lame.

Fledglings said damn the consequences.
Left people with no spared expenses.

Empyrean noticed curtain raisers enjoying currants.
Reiterated saggy, hermetic, fetid stunts.

Deference, dearly won lost heretofore.
There is need of square deals to explore.

Avarice of booze and boodle given to bumpkin and boor.
Ding dong to take care bread and pumpkin for the poor.

It’s nine day’s wonder vouchee avow for atonement.
No need to ponder, just a vanity not commitment.

Darning visits to requiem in dale.
Dais don’t allow their scheme to go pale.

Squeeze and oppress cumulonimbus of cynical, whited sepulcher and simulated.
Only then valetudinarianism of machination will be eliminated.

Be meticulous, hoard compassion and amity.
Serene atmosphere with fraternity and humanity.

The buck stops here.
It’s time to take care.

Elect and eclat euphemistic and scrupulous.
Renaissance to patronise gullible and innocuous.


Poet Bio :Vikas Sharma, Lecturer and Writer (Awarded with many prizes of National and International Level), Hisar (Haryana)


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