Photo : DHgate

Look O there
the fairy upon Earth,
camouflaged in white;
Walking in all grace
and beauty

She treads on the
soft carpet of snow,
with easy elegance.
But, wait then there
a jiffy!

There! do you see
stains of violence on the
turf of peace, her
wildly raging hair and
curled up smile??

Lo, Behold, her furled garb
adorned with dripping red;
Her lovingly twined fingers and
cold, cruel glimpse satisfied
her attire of guile.

But I, I do see a
desolate soul; torn down
by the vicious world.
A crushed being, pained by
damnation; but raised to
fight and strive all alone.


Poet Bio : Nilanjana Kar , a student from Kolkata, West Bengal.


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